Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How going fat-free made us all fat

The Year of the Viking is going well.  I am fully committed to Doug's Twirly Tuff program.  We meet twice a week at Twirly Girls to do exercises that will make us stronger for pole dancing.  I am still doing pilates reformer twice a week.  I also come to pole class twice a week and have been trying to meet with Bel twice a week to learn more about being an instructor.  I plan to get back to Forma to do yoga once or twice a week soon but have been so busy that I'm too tired to add anything else to my plate.  

I am also super excited about The Primal Blueprint/Paleo diet that I started barely a week ago.  I have lost five pounds in the last five days (from 257 pounds to lowest weight yet for 2012 and even during a PMS week!).  When you're reading this book, everything clicks and it just makes so much more sense.  The basics (as I am hopefully understanding it right) are cutting out processed foods, eating the good fats, limiting (but not necessarily cutting out completely) carbs.  Basically, eat fruit, veggies and meat.  

I know I've tried "diets" before and they don't work.  I'm making this a lifestyle change.  Make more of my own healthy foods and enjoy what I'm eating.  I'm not forcing myself to eat foods I hate just in the name of losing some weight.  At the same time, I have gained 50 pounds in the last few years and I keep making excuses for why its happening.  I have always instructed gastric bypass patients to stay on top of weight gain.  Take care of it when its 5 pounds -- not 10, 25, 50 or 100.  But we so often ignore one pound of weight gain.  "It's just one pound."  I have it's-just-one-pounded myself into a 50 pound weight gain!!  Granted, I'm still 100 pounds lighter than I used to be nine years ago, but this still isn't a healthy weight for me.  And now I'm not playing around anymore.  

I love the doesn't start five pounds from now.  That is certainly true but I can definitely do more weighing five...ten...fifty pounds less than I do now.  So I am not putting my life on hold while I lose weight but I am so excited for the additional things I will be able to do when I weigh less.

Catch up on my Lose the Lard Ass adventures (failures) from the past year or so:

It's like the harder I try, the fatter I get.

I keep thinking about going to Weight Watchers years and years ago.  They had a fat and fiber plan (before points was so popular...actually, this is what probably lead to the points system being developed).  You were supposed to eat under 10 grams of fat and least 10 grams of fiber per day.  Well, okay...have you seen all the fat-free food options in the stores??  Do you know how they replace fat when they remove it from foods?  They use sugar.  So the calories may be the same or higher than your full-fat option.  And its stock full of sugar.  Yum.  I could eat thousands of calories in a day and never go over 10 grams of fat.  Weight Watchers, of course, had to start telling people, you still need to eat in moderation.  But that program was probably their biggest failure.  I know I failed on it.  

So Mark Sisson, who wrote the Primal Blueprint has some great information on the carb-eating/over-exercising cycle.  He calls us "sugar-burners."  We eat shitloads of know, because we need energy since we are athletes.  Then we have to go work it off every single day.  But our bodies only ever burn off the carbs and sugar we are eating -- never getting to the underlying fat that needs to be burned off. 

Anyway, this is getting longer than I know most people want to read.  I highly suggest Mark's books, or his website:  Mark's Daily Apple.  If you want to read about "why fat, not carbs is the preferred fuel for the human metabolism," check it out here:

Here's another article that might state it a bit more simply:

I'm totally a poo-poo-er of diets and gimmicks (mostly because, even though they don't work over time, even for a short time, I'm usually too lazy to implement them).  Everyone is telling me to try this or that and I'm always like, "Oh I got this!"  I don't "got this."  Doug made a great statement today.  He said: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  I was certain ready.  And Doug and Bel have appeared to heal my fat and broken body.  

I also really  like that Mark Sisson gives us great information but also gets that you can't/won't do it 100% of the time.  I hate the diets that tell you that you will never have a piece of cake again:  "Do you want to be a lard ass or do you want to be thin and happy?"  Well, can't I have a little of both???  I have certainly made myself a piece of toast twice in the last five days and still lost weight.  I'm sure my increased activity is contributing a little bit to it.  But when I was trying to lose weight before, I was working out twice a day and only losing an average of a pound a month.  It took me about a year and a half to lose 22 pounds.  So clearly my diet is more important than I have ever wanted to admit.  

So the fun continues...I'm losing weight, feeling good and really looking forward to this year getting better and better!


  1. You're spot on about some low fat products, they often aren't low-cal, so we all need to read labels. And sometimes the whole low-fat thing is just such a gimmic... Milk for example. Normal milk (well, at least her in oz) is 4% fat, low-fat milk 2% and skim milk around 0.2%. I drink low fat as I prefer the flavor of it, but at the end of the day and extra 2% fat in a glass of milk is going to make bugger all difference to my butt!

  2. Good for you girl! Proud of you! :) I have tried many diets and work out programs myself and never stuck to any of them. As long as you have fun with it then it should stick I always say.