Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I teached! I teached!!

So Bel has been in the process of teaching some of the girls from Twirly Girls how to be a pole instructors.  She approached me with the idea of doing a cardio burlesque class.  I was really excited to start training this week.  I mean, I've been coming to Twirly Girls for over two years but I've never really thought about it from the instructor's perspective.  I'm really good at being bossy, so I figured teaching would be no big deal.  I've been going to Jazzercise since I was a teenager and have been to step aerobics classes and Zumba classes, so I've got 8 counts down and can usually stick to the rhythm of a song.  Bel suggested we train in January and start classes in February.  I figured, I GOT THIS -- I have a whole month to train.  We were supposed to have a training session on Monday but that got canceled.  Then Bel was diagnosed with pneumonia and needed help with her regular classes yesterday.  Grace handled her morning classes and so Bel asked me to teach two taster classes last night.  By myself.  AND I DID IT!

First off, Carmen showed up to give me moral support and she was great.  I was really grateful that she was there.  It made me feel more at ease and she helped me keep eyes on more people at once.  She is much more advanced at pole than I am, so it was nice to have her give better examples at certain moves than I could.  Although, these classes were just tasters, so only very basic moves were taught.  I have those moves down pat and my form is pretty good.  

The first class was five girls.  Three were already friends.  One girl had never taken formal classes but had a pole at home.  It was a really great dynamic.  We actually advanced pretty quickly and I was sweaty within a few minutes.  The second group had four girls -- again three were already friends.  One girl got the hang of things pretty quickly.  The other three were a little self-conscious and shy, so we moved along a little more slowly than the first group.  It wasn't a bad class by any means -- just different.  We didn't end up learning quite as many moves.  It was nice to see that different dynamics can create completely different classes and being able to go with the flow and not feel like I HAD to teach exactly the same lesson at both classes was an important lesson for me!

I woke up pretty sore and tired today.  I had warmed up before the first class showed up so I ended up poling for about three hours yesterday.  And I thought instructors were supposed to mostly watch!  

Although I don't expect to be teaching pole on a regular basis quite yet (I feel like I need to be doing more advanced moves first), I definitely felt comfortable teaching a taster or beginner class.  I could certainly at least sub a class for someone who was teaching the advanced moves.  I understand the concept of inverts, even if I can't complete them myself.  And I know how to be a good spotter.

So I am excited to continue this adventure -- learning to teach.  And am looking forward to Femme Fatale being offered as a real class very soon!  The Year of the Viking is starting off strong!


  1. Congratulations! You sound so excited and I'm sure your enthusiasm is contagious!

  2. Thank you! I really had a great time. And I'm sore! It's so cool!!!