Saturday, January 7, 2012

Need more hours in the day...

Or I need to learn how to survive off less sleep.  I had Twirly Tuff this morning.  Then pole class.  Then I practiced my interviewing skills at Rita's.  I have a list of things I need to get done today:  Burlesque routines, write blogs, write interview questions for the pole dancers....blah blah blah.  But all I want to want to do is take a nap.  Its almost 5:30 p.m.  I imagine a nap now would be pointless.  But I suuuuuuuure do wish I could!  Tomorrow is yoga and then meeting up with a friend I haven't seen in awhile.  Oh yeah, then drag show.  Then the work week is here again.  Monday through Wednesday nights, I will be at the studio.  Thursday is my only chance of having an evening off.  Hopefully Friday too.  Then the weekend will be here and that's when I try to catch up on all of my stuff again.  Never ends.  :-) 

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