Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year of the Viking

Today is the first day of 2012.  My horoscope for the year points to some great things happening.  Oh yeah, I didn't need a horoscope to tell me that.  I am really excited for some partnership projects to take off this year:  Social Sonar and The Pole Dancing Shop, for example.  I am going to start training with Bel at Twirly Girls to teach a cardio burlesque class.  I am going to train with Bel's boyfriend Doug in the Twirly Tuff program. 

I am finally ready to commit to an actual program to lose weight and get in shape.  I'm not getting any younger and every day it gets a little harder to lose the weight.  Today is my first Twirly Tuff workout.  From what I understand, we will be doing a six-week program where we meet twice a week to workout, he gives us workouts for home and we follow the Primal Blueprint 21-day eating program (we will do that cycle twice apparently).  I so hate rigid eating programs but doing what I've been doing hasn't gotten me anywhere so I need to get off my lazy ass and actually make a commitment to change.  I have been throwing around all kinds of "I can do it" cheerleading statements, yet I'm starting this year being the heaviest I've been post-surgery. 

At my last "lose the lard ass" update, I was at 255 pounds.

This morning, I weighed 253.6.  At least I made it through the holidays without a gain.  I took some photos this morning, mostly to help motivate myself.  I wasn't really sure I wanted to publish them, especially since self-humiliation hasn't really worked well for me.  But I want to have a starting point and I thought sharing was caring.  :-)

So enough with my bullshit.  It really is time to put on my big girl panties and take responsibility for myself.  2012 is going to be epic.  And I have deemed it The Year of the Viking! 


  1. Atleast your stomach is flat and you have a gap between your legs!! :-D Those are the things I'm trying to accomplish in 2012!! Lol. This is year IS going to be EPIC!! xoxo

  2. love it and after all A Viking, yeah you got this!

  3. Heather, all surgically implanted. lol!! And, YES, I GOT THIS!! :-D