Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pole dancing is not for the faint of heart....or the big boobied?

On Sunday, with the help of my pole sister Kat, via Skype, I did a reverse handstand on the pole, and was actually able to walk my hands backward, my legs up the pole and inch my body back toward the pole.  That means I may actually be able to caterpillar soon!!  I got SO excited.  I didn't think I was strong enough to walk my hands backward and I had never before properly wrapped my legs to actually help me walk my hands around. 

So last night, in the studio, alone -- and on hard wood floors -- I turned on the video camera and excitedly climbed myself up the pole backwards.  I wrapped my legs.  Then my arms suddenly felt tired.  I panicked.  I took a head dive out of the move and whacked my shoulder.  Hard. 

What the hell?!  I JUST did that move the night before with NO problems!  And what the hell?!  Why is my first instinct to dive onto a hardwood floor?!  Lesson learned...no more new moves when I'm alone in the studio.  Pole dancing is definitely not for the faint of heart!

On Facebook, we were recently talking about how pole dancing is also not for the girls with gigantic boobies (it actually started as we laughed about an illustration of a T-Rex trying to do push-ups with tiny arms).  There are a few moves that I have a hard time with because my boobs get in the way of my arms.  Some of us were talking about how, if you think about most of the pros, they are all somewhat flat chested (no offense, ladies...it's a blessing!).  There are not a lot of gigantic, fake-boobed ladies in the pro circuit. 

I may call myself an Amazon but I can't actually lob off my boob to improve my performance.  But it got me thinking about how pole dancing CAN be for everybody but not all moves are. 

I'd love to hear about how people of all shapes and sizes get into their favorite moves.  Do your shorter legs help you invert?  Do your longer legs allow you to pretzel into amazing tricks?  Tell me all about it!

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