Thursday, May 31, 2012

Facebook for Pole Dancers

So, of course with almost a BILLION users worldwide, Facebook has helped connect a lot of people.  I know in my own little Facebook world, I have over 2,000 "friends," most of which are pole dancers from around the world.  It is so nice to have one place to talk to people and keep track of events.  There are a few other social websites that connect only pole dancers (perhaps to shield us from some of the creepers that try to friend us on Facebook).  I thought I would list some of those websites here.

Pole Dance Network

Tagline: The Official Social / Business Network Website For The Pole Dancing Community Worldwide

Pole Dance Network is the official website for social and business networking for Pole Dancers, Pole Dancing Clubs, Pole Dancing Schools and other individuals and organisations in this global community.
This site offers the ideal forum for the members of this community to share ideas, information and network in many ways. You can also promote your upcoming pole dancing competitions, expos and other activities in our events calendar.

Over the years, Pole Dancing has evolved to become a mainstream activity. What was once a taboo, adult industry activity has now become a household buz word and fitness craze for millions of men and women  worldwide.



The Facebook description is: "Worldwide pole ranking list which distributes the latest scores from pole dance competitions around the world."  However, it is a little harder to find a description or "about us" on the website.  They do have a forum for discussions, allow blog postings and the sharing of videos. 


Rhiannan Nichole's Premier Pole Online

Their Facebook description lists the website as "...the social media hub for pole dancers as well as the most comprehensive online studio available."  The focus is on offering online classes, although they also have a forum and chat room.



Billed as the Poleapalooza Chat Club, their welcome line is: "Welcome to, a friendly online discussion board where you can join fellow pole dancers in discussing all things related to pole dance!"  Like many of the others, they offer a forum for pole dancers to discuss what they love doing most. 


ePole Symposium

This is another forum that appears to promote anonymity: "No need to provide your full identity, but in general introduce self and tell about how long you have been pole dancing. What is your favorite and least favorite move? Are you interested in performing, competing, or just exercising? What does pole dancing give you?"  I haven't spent enough time here to see if it's a problem but the issue with many of these sites is that anonymity seems to give a lot of people room to be mean.  And I don't like that.  

My user name is lolorashel.  They don't seem to have a set profile page that I can share easily.  

International Pole Fitness Federation

As pole fitness gains momentum in the international community, it is necessary for advocates and practitioners of this sport worldwide to unify so that we may more effectively nurture pole fitness into maturation on an ongoing basis. The primary function of the International Pole Fitness Federation (IPFF) is to encourage pole fitness to continue expanding into mainstream athletics and to cooperate with other collective pole fitness bodies to help set agreeable standards and goals for pole fitness to reach toward.

IPFF seeks to use competition, showcase, and other pole fitness events only as a means of amplifying and supplementing the sport, rather than seeing these events as an end in themselves. Our logo is merely a symbolic indication of solidarity between persons, studios, associations and federations who share a common goal of helping evolve pole fitness and integrate it into the arena of mainstream sports, arts, and culture. Our logo is not for sale, as membership for private individuals to IPFF is free.

The intention of the IPFF is to collaborate with worldwide pole fitness entities to provide promotion, assistance with networking, inspiration, and structure to all pole fitness athletes, instructors, businesses, associations, federations, event coordinators, and other pole fitness professionals and collectives who would find such services desirable or useful. We believe that to host competitive events, dictate new names for traditional pole maneuvers and poses, and act as salespersons of our own logo is, by itself, inadequate. The IPFF does not wish to usurp any authority over pole fitness and parties concerning themselves with it. On the contrary, this federation was built to become a servant to the global pole community. Please accept the gift of our service for free, or better yet, join us in our service to the strong and ever-growing pole fitness community worldwide.


This website will officially launch in the Summer of 2012.  Valentina of Pole Dance Italy suggested it to me.  Their mission statement: provides the very best instruction from the world’s most elite pole and aerial artists. We are committed to motivating, inspiring and elevating our members around the world to meet their dance and fitness goals, building the largest global online community within our craft, and providing the very best in innovative products and equipment. Welcome to pole and aerial bliss!

Pole Junkies

Their mission statement: Offering local and online pole dancers the opportunity to access professional, certified instruction and information on today's fastest growing fitness trend. now offers class information, descriptions, introductions to our instructors and you are also able to register Online for Pole Dancing Classes, Aerial Yoga Fitness Classes, Men's Vertical Fitness, Aerial Hoop Classes. You can also register to book Pole Parties in one of our facilities or just about anywhere in Alberta!

Join our Online Community to meet new Pole dancers, Add friends, Share photos & videos, Join groups, Create events and Discuss pole dancing in forums.  




StudioVeena.Com promotes the art, sport and fun of Pole Dancing through a supportive online community and streaming video lessons for everyone from the beginner on up. Founded in 2008 as a small community of online friends who shared a love of pole, StudioVeena.Com has grown to become the largest pole dance website in the world, boasting thousands of members who log on daily to share their passion with others in the community.

As a StudioVeena.Com member you will find that you are part of a positive affirming community. We strive to insure that your time and experience here builds you up as a person and benefits the community as a whole.


As an ACE certified personal trainer Veena is uniquely positioned to teach and share her love of pole dance. Veena's method includes a unique teaching style developed through her years of teaching experience. She communicates proper body positioning and pace in an easy to understand and approachable way that you don't find anywhere else. Her unique progression through tricks and exercise options prepare you for each successive lesson, and when properly executed, improve your pole repertoire much easier than other options.

As a business owner and mother of four Veena understands your busy lifestyle. She has worked hard to create an experience that can be enjoyed at your leisure, whenever you want. With a world-wide audience she knows that her supportive community will be there at any time.

My user name is lolorashel.

So do you belong to any of these websites?  Did I miss any?  Which are your favorite and why?


  1. Hello can you do a little plug for BrassMonkeys forum - we're a UK-based forum, with lots of "old-school" polers who have been chatting since the dawn of pole forums (and some from before that!)
    It's free to join, and we approve all memberships on the same day.

  2. I rarely log into Studio Veena, but here I am!

  3. Thanks Lori! I hadn't heard of all of these, so I'll check them out. Of all of them Polexia looks the most active.

    On StudioVeena I'm at but I found so much meanness in some threads that I don't visit much, plus I find the forum format is frustrating. I check Poleranking frequently in hopes that it really takes off, but only because so many of my favorite bloggers are there and I hope it stays positive (and the site is beautiful). I'm at On PoleJunkies I'm but I forgot I even had an account there and my profile is empty. It looks like a pretty active forum so I'll check it out again. Of course facebook is where I get most interaction with everyone.

  4. is always looking for feedback from polers who have visited or train at US studios. It's very similar to "Yelp" except that it is exclusively pole dance, and aids in connecting students with instruction.

  5. I'm only at pole ranking, but I've noticed twitter is pretty awesome when it comes to connecting with other polers too. There's just so many of us!

    1. I do love Twitter as well!! I am there!