Monday, May 7, 2012

Update on Operation Lose the Lard Ass

Last year, I declared war on my fat ass.  But then I mostly rooted around in the mud, not really going anywhere.

Here's a history of my weight from the four month update on Operation Lose the Lard Ass:

Approximate weight before starting phen-fen in 1996 (when I was 20 years old): 300
Approximate lowest weight after phen-fen (I was on it for 9 months): 235 (strangely, I was wearing a size 22 clothing...these days, at 250 pounds, a size 16 is a little too tight but size 18 is way too big)
Highest pre-surgery weight in late 2003: 347 (wore clothing size 26/28, or sometimes 30/32)
Weight on surgery day: 317 (3/17/2004 -- HERE is an update from my 6th new-birthday/surgiversary in 2010)
Lowest weight after surgery: 180 (approx. 1/2005) (smallest size was a size 12, although usually I wore a 14)
Approximate weight around plastic surgery: 210 (2006) (my clothing size never changed)
Weight in 2008: 222 (started going to the gym religiously)
Weight in March 2009: 201
Weight in August 2009: 215 (met Rob)
Weight in December 2009: 225 (started Twirly Girls)
Weight on 6th new-birthday: 225 (3/2010)
Weight on 7th new-birthday: 230 (3/2011)
Weight in December 2011: 255

I started a Paleo type diet and Twirly Tuff in early 2012.  I went from 257  to 252 pretty quickly.  Check out this post:

Two months ago (March 2012), I decided to employ the "Screw the Scales" line of thinking.   Two months.  No stepping on a scale.  I talked about participating in this post:

So how did I do with two months of having to find other ways to torture myself about being fat?  I did ok.  I start tracking calories again (very lightly, since getting too involved in planning meals and tracking fat, calories, protein, etc. just makes me want to binge).  I have been taking measurements and photos (in a bikini...ewww).

My weight on 3/6/2012 was 255.0.

I cheated on 3/20/2012 and weighed myself.  I was down to 250.2!  My lowest weight in....a looooooong while!!!!

My official final weigh-in after two months was on 5/4/2012 and I was....drum roll please... 254.6.
Not exactly the number I was hoping for but definitely happy I wasn't higher than when I started.

I have decided to only weigh once a month.  I will do measurements and photos at that time as well. 

I recognize I am a food addict and it's something I will have to battle every day.  As I said before, it may be the reason I do what I do but I know I can't lean on that crutch forever to justify being unhealthy:

At the end of the day, I am trying to remember where I came from.  No matter how unhappy I am with my current situation, I am nowhere close to being back "there" again.  So the battle continues...


  1. great job, It's never easy to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Thanks! It's so funny that it's "easier" to be unhealthy. Why, oh why, can't I be addicted to broccoli and the gym?! lololol!!!