Monday, October 22, 2012

Everything is connected

It’s amazing how everything is connected. Today, let’s learn how my foot pain is connected to my gym going out of business.

Well over a year ago, my gym, Bally went out of business overnight (shoot, maybe even two years ago now??). No notice. Just boom…gone. I had already been lazy and wasn’t going as much as I should. In my heyday, I was in shape. Spin classes, yoga, pilates, jogging. I was in the best shape of my life. I freaking climbed to the top of Half Dome. That was four short years ago (well, maybe four and a half). After working from home exclusively for a year, I started a three-day-a week-commute to Alameda, which ruined my gym schedule and my social life. That was three years ago. I never fully replaced Bally after it went out of business. I did Twirly Girls. I found some various Groupons for some yoga places, but nothing hardcore and nothing consistent. I let myself get out of shape and, in fact, gained about 35 pounds over the last 3 years.

When my boss told me a little over a month ago that I needed to start looking for a new job, I panicked a little. Then I got out there and got a new job really quickly. I walk a lot more for this job. I walk to BART. I walk to the office. I walk around the office. Up the stairs. Down the stairs. I walk back to BART (which is the train that I ride to avoid driving), then back home. It’s not a TON of walking but it’s more than I was doing before. My first week at this job, I dropped about 7 pounds.

The bottom of my foot has been hurting for a bit. I think really even before this job started (I’m starting week four of my new job). But the pain is definitely worse now that I’m walking more. It’s probably the beginnings of plantar fasciitis. It feels like a thumb-sized bruise between the arch and the heel. I figured it’s not a coincidence that I have hip pain in my left hip, somehow hyper-extended my left knee, and now have pain in my right foot. I’ve probably been limping or over-compensating with my right leg.

Anyway, I finally got to see my savior, Keith. Guess what it all relates back to? Weak quads and over-tight calves.

Now I didn’t really fully put two and two together until this weekend. I tried a hatha/flow yoga class in Pleasant Hill on Saturday. It’s a lot of downward dogs and lunges into various poses. It was a hard class. I sweat my ass off and I’m sore today. But that’s when it really hit me. Duh. When I was doing yoga at Bally two to three days a week, I was in really good shape. Because we did a ton of lunges and my quads were much stronger. So weird how a weak quad can lead to a sore foot years down the road.

So anyway, it’s funny how things work. Who knew when I stopped going to David’s yoga class, I would end up with a sore foot? J I actually really miss that instructor. He’s really great. I have found his schedule at other places but, so far, it hasn’t worked out with my schedule. Keith gave me a bunch of exercises to both strengthen my quads and loosen up my calves. Hopefully, it will lead to less pain in the very near future. I do love the Keith method but it surely doesn’t fix things overnight. I guess I could go to the doctor for some good ol’ pain pills, but that would just be masking the pain that then I might not be as motivated to fix the problem.

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  1. When I started having serious wrist pain, my acupuncturist suggested it might be related to other alignment issues and unbalanced usage. Sure enough, my hips seem to be influencing it all. This book is the bomb - see if it looks promising to you.