Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm a healthy fatty

I have an announcement to make.  I am overweight.  No wait, I'm obese.  Yes, according to my BMI, which is almost 35, I am considered obese.  No, that wasn't the announcement.  

I'm healthy.  It can't be true, right?!  Fat people can't be healthy.  But I just got my blood labs back from my doctor's office and I am perfectly healthy.  

My blood pressure was 117/81.  Sure the lower number might be a bit high, but it's still in a normal range.  

My TSH (thyroid) is 1.43 (normal is 0.34 - 3.5).  My thyroid hormone was normal.

My cholesterol was 180 mg/dl (normal is less than 200).  My HDL (the "good" cholesterol) was 64 (greater than 50 is normal).  My LDL (the "bad" cholesterol) was 97 (the desired value is less than 130, or 100 for heart disease or diabetes).  My triglycerides are 97 (normal is less than 150). 

All of my vitamin levels were normal.  This is the first time in the nine years since I've had gastric bypass that all my vitamin levels were normal!!  YAY!!!!

The only remaining issue is that my CRP is still elevated -- 4.3.  Normal is under 3.  However, I have learned that elevated CRP doesn't automatically mean inflammation of the heart.  It just means inflammation in the body.  So maybe my foot issue and all the swelling is causing the elevation.  I can have it re-tested after surgery.  CRP is, however, supposed to be the best indicator of future heart attack when all other numbers appear to be at normal levels.  So...hmmm.....

Anyway, although that last part still concerns me somewhat, I am happy to report that I am a healthy fatty.  I am still working on eating healthier foods because I know that's how I'm going to get through this foot surgery without weight gain.   

I know I've been writing a lot about health and fat lately.  It's on my mind a lot.  I hope to soon be back to the regularly scheduled programming of pole dancing and having fun!


  1. Hey! Great numbers. I know you worked hard to get there. Stay healthy!