Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Life Is Perfect

You've seen the posts on Facebook.

My man is the most amazing...I got home tonight and he'd made dinner and cleaned the entire house.

She failed to mention he was apologizing for cheating on her.

I love my family!  They are taking me to Disneyland!

Where they will torture her with rude comments about her weight and how she's a lazy cow.

With the invention of social media comes envy like we've never seen before.  I no longer have to call EACH friend separately to tell them how ridiculously perfect my life is, I can now announce it to my 2,000 Facebook friends, 1,500 Twitter followers, and various fans on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr with the click of a single button.  

How perfect do you actually think all of your friends' lives are?  I realize the grass is always greener on the other side, but do you really think that most people aren't dealing with some kind of relationship issues, money problems, crappy jobs, children behaving badly, houses that won't stay clean, aging parents, shit-talking friends, broken cars, sick pets, etc.?!  

I am not saying that you need to put all of your personal business out there on Facebook.  Just don't feel bad if you have that one friend who appears to have a Facebook-perfect life.  That doesn't exist.  Sure, we can make the most of a bad situation and choose to try to be positive, but for those of us who live realistically, sometimes reading those, "OMG MY LIFE ROCKS" posts can wear on us.  

So do you prefer the facade that life is perfect or would you rather know that we all struggle with something and life isn't easy for everyone?  I know that no one wants to read a bunch of whining all the time on social media sites, but sometimes it's nice to know that you aren't alone.  Sometimes my life DOES rock...and sometimes life kicks me in the teeth.  I do over-share some things on Facebook but I also choose topics that remain somewhat off-limits.  For example, I may talk a lot about my history with my family but I generally choose not to share a lot of details about my relationship on this blog or on Facebook.  That's just a choice I make for myself.

Anyway, I know this was kind of a random post but I see a lot of overly-stated "my life is perfect" posts and I sometimes wonder if it is a matter of fake-it-til-you-make-it or if they really are that lucky. 


  1. I recently posted one of these statuses, but I went with "My life is awesome!", bahaha :) I would never go as far as to say "My life is perfect!", because its obviously not. I have my trials and tribulations, just like the next person. But I am very happy with where I am in my life right now, and am extremely grateful that I don't have anything super negative going on right now. I am also a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, so I do tend to post about wonderful things hat are happening in my life in hopes of attracting more of them. I can understand how it would be annoying to constantly see someone shitting glitter all over their Facebook page, but to me it's way better than hearing someone constantly bitching and complaining about how their life sucks. ;)

    1. That's funny. I didn't see your post. I do agree with the law of attraction to a point. I also believe in making things happen and not waiting for things to land in my lap. I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago after I saw an inordinate number of people who seemed sad to be single. Maybe they have a ticking clock. Maybe their best friend is getting married. And so that can be triggering for them. They want to know when it will be their turn to live the dream. So I just want them to remember that sometimes it really is just a dream. Reality can be harsh. Doesn't mean they shouldn't still wish to find a happy relationship. It just means that they shouldn't feel bad about themselves if they haven't found it (yet). As for bitching and whining, it certainly sucks if its a daily thing but its also nice to have a place to vent and that's what FB is for many people. :)

  2. All true! I absolutely believe in making things happen as well. :) And they always say, those lives and relationships that seems to be oh so "picture perfect" are usually the COMPLETE opposite. And yes, that is what Facebook is for for many...and it's great because if you don't like hearing others boast, or complain, there is always the "un-friend" button! :)