Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Surgery is in two days!!!

sad, swollen foot
Last night, I taught my final Boys, Girls and Twirls class before surgery.  Today is my last day of work.  Surgery is on Thursday and I cannot wait!  I have spent the last ten months with foot pain...the last four being held hostage by it.  I have gained ten pounds, way too many inches and lost muscle waiting for this issue to right itself.  

I will be off the day job for a month.  I will probably be off teaching at Twirly Girls for at least two months.  The doctor said the entire healing process will take at least three months.  


I miss walking wherever I want without pain.  I miss dancing.  I even miss jog/walking 5k's.  I want to go to Disneyland without destroying myself.  I want to walk around Vegas.  I want to go hiking.  

Pole Expo will happen while I'm still in my moon boot.  My doctor has warned me against walking too much in Vegas -- has begged me not to go if I think I can't control myself from walking while I'm there.  I promised him I was going for a convention and would stay in the hotel all day.  I didn't mention it was a pole convention.  I did sell one of my workshops so that I wouldn't waste money or hurt myself.  I actually wouldn't mind spending most of my time by the pool anyway. 

Strassberg sock aka the sexy sock
Long story short...I am very excited to get back into doing what I love to do.  I have some really cool projects that I'm working on with other pole dancers and I can't wait to unveil them.  I went through this whole life-altering pain issue with my hip a few years ago and I apparently already forgot how horrible it is.  It affects my tolerance for bullshit with other people.  It rips away my empathy.  It lowers my ability to handle difficult people.  This surgery is the first step to getting back to being me.  

The doctor will not be removing the bone spur, but cutting the plantar fascia.  Has anyone had this surgery?  I'd love to know about the recovery! 
My right calf is smaller now :(

Only four short years ago


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