Thursday, December 19, 2013

Setting New Year's Resolutions...

Just joking, I don't believe in setting New Year's Resolutions.  I do believe in setting real-life goals that you may or may not hit, regardless of the time of year.  But I don't believe that if I wish upon a star on December 31, that my goals will suddenly be met on January 1.  I also hate all the people who decide to start working out and make my gym trips miserable and crowded for the first month or two of the year. 

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I definitely feel like 2014 is going to be a year of change for me.  Rob is applying for post-doctorate positions out of our area.  Although I am not currently planning to follow him, I am certainly more open to the idea of a change of scenery lately. Either way, my living situation will probably be changing sooner rather than later. 

Merry Christmas from Boys, Girls and Twirls!
I have been struggling with teaching my class at Twirly Girls since my foot surgery.  I haven't recovered nearly as quickly as I had hoped (mostly due to the fact that I returned to activity way sooner than I should have).  I feel like I flounder in teaching lately.  I am lacking the strength/ability to do some simple moves and am no longer fluid in my dance.  I have contemplated taking a break until I am back up to par, but I also know that if you stop doing something for a little bit, you often never return to it.  And I don't want that to happen.  In January, I will be making a larger effort to take a class so that I can start to smooth out my moves and gain some more strength. 

I am working with Amy Bond on bringing a pole showcase/competition of sorts to Northern California (Northern California Pole Presentational).  There is so much going on in the pole industry in Southern California, and we hope to bring some of that excitement up here.  We do already have Poletential's Air Show in May and December each year but we wanted to offer an opportunity to those from other studios to showcase routines in a single event.  I also don't want to get hopes up but am hoping to include a section for Roz the Diva and her amazing competition designed for plus-sized pole dancers, Dangerous Curves - West Coast edition!!!  I can't announce anything officially yet, but I do want to start the buzz and hope to firm up some details soon so that people can start signing up in January.  But please pencil in a trip to Nor Cal for late July or early August. 

I have also been very excited to see some deals being offered to the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association.  I am so impressed by the dedication of these ladies and am honored to be part of this group.  I can't wait to see what the upcoming year holds for us. 

I have recommitted to working out and eating (somewhat) healthy.  (As I like to tease Sean Michael, I am vegetarian before noon and generally vegan between midnight and 6 AM.)  See, even though returning to activity has slowed the healing of my foot, my body is in pain when I don't work out, so I have decided that I will have to sacrifice the speed of healing in order to keep my body from hurting so much.  I am also finding I have all of these odd weak spots that I need to correct.  My psoas is killing me and my mid-calf muscle is super tight.  Apparently sitting all day at a desk job is ruining my psoas and the fact that I hate backbending stuff in yoga isn't helping me counter-act that.  So this year is also a re-commitment to bending backwards more often. 

I am also going to commit to doing less.  I did this a few years ago and it really helped my sanity.  I get invited to a ton of great events and parties but if I say yes to everyone, I am running from thing to thing without truly enjoying whatever event I am at or the friends I am with.  So I need to do less.  Maybe one event a weekend instead of five events a day.  Unfortunately, it often means hurting feelings by turning down invitations, but I am very certain that my attendance is not what "makes" any party. 

Do you set New Year's Resolutions?  If so, feel free to share them here!  Or you can just share some changes or life goals that you think you might be reaching toward in the next year!

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