Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The answer isn't bashing skinny people

Yesterday, I wrote about Chrystal and Curvy Girl Lingerie's campaign to show un-photoshopped women in lingerie. 

Then last night, I joined The Militant Baker's campaign to break stereotypes when it comes to auto-complete sentences in Google.  Go to Google and try it:

Typing in "fat people are" gets you results such as gross, disgusting...and awesome.  

"Fat people can't" wipe, cross their legs, get jobs, get pregnant...

"Skinny people are" better, ugly, disgusting, annoying...

"Women are" from venus men are from mars, better than men, shallow...

"Gay men are" sexist, jealous of women, the new oppressors of women, worse than women...

"Chinese people are" rude, weird, cold, smart...

Seriously?  I guess I don't truly understand how auto-complete works...but either people are searching these sentences most or the people who created the algorithm are complete assholes and idiots. 

If you'd like to check out The Militant Baker's Facebook page, she has a ton of people using auto-complete to break the stereotypes and offer love and support to each other.  I really appreciate that she includes men and women, and people of all ages, shapes and colors.  This fight isn't about fat women needing attention.  And I don't feel like I need to bash skinny people to make myself feel better.  This is about everyone learning to love each other and themselves.  

There have been a lot of "real women" campaigns on Facebook, often saying that curvy girls rule and skinny girls drool.  It's not fair to anyone.  Fat people should not have to be at war with thin people.  Fat people can be at war with assholes who hate on them, but their body size should have nothing to do with it.  

This week, a fitness blogger posted a selfie of herself four days after giving birth.  There was a ton of outrage around the internet.  Is it personally frustrating to me to see that she looks like she was never pregnant only days after giving birth?  Sure, I guess.  Maybe I *am* a tiny bit jealous.  Do I hate her for it?  Certainly not.  She's not doing anything else the rest of us aren't doing -- posting our half naked photos around the internet.  Good for her.  She has different genes than I do.  I could never even pretend to compare myself to her because we are completely different people.  She's not better than me, and I am not better than her.  For those who think she is putting out an impossible image for other women to follow, I assume this chick was just made this way.  I don't feel like I have to BE her.  There are no special exercises she could be doing, or crazy diet that would make her body "snap back" in four days.  So should she be berated for embracing the body she was born with and continues to cultivate?  I don't know her personally.  Perhaps she spreads fat-shaming memes around the internet like Maria Kang and "deserves" to be skinny-shamed.  But I do know, just from seeing her one selfie on the internet, I'm not going to hate on her since I do the same thing. 

Please join the revolution and submit your photo to The Militant Baker and show everyone how you are breaking Google's lame auto-complete stereotypes!

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