Thursday, January 2, 2014

The clock has been reset...

New Year's Eve is funny.  Most of us drag our half-dead carcasses toward the deadline of midnight so that we can awaken refreshed on New Year's Day with a positive attitude and new set of goals for the upcoming year (I don't do resolutions).  We endured a year of pain and suffering (if you listen to Facebook, anyway) and are looking forward to that fresh start so that we can forget the trials and tribulations that we faced in the previous year.  We apparently only get one chance each year and that chance happens at 12:01 AM on January 1st. 

What if we stopped doing that?  What if we reset the clock every month...week...or day?  What if we didn't wait an ENTIRE year in misery, waiting for our clean start?  Every single day can be a new chapter in the book of our life if we want it to be.

2013 certainly wasn't my best year, but I guess it wasn't my worst either.  I couldn't really name my worst year.  I haven't had horrible years.  I've never been fired from a job.  No horrific deaths or disease in my family.  I have never been homeless.  I've always had enough to eat.  I've certainly made some bad choices in my lifetime and maybe I wish I could take some of those back, but I am getting by. 

But I still didn't like 2013.  It's an odd number.  13 just sounds wrong -- it's an unlucky number, right?  And my age -- 37 -- what a stupid number.  It's all odd and just doesn't sound right in my head.  2014 sounds so much nicer, cleaner, and prettier.  It's an even number, which my weirdo brain likes better.  I will also be 38 in August.  That number is even and nicer sounding as well.

But guess what, nothing changed between 11:59 PM on December 31st and 12:01 AM on January 1st, so what is the difference?  I guess it's my attitude.  I gravitate towards the negative -- down on myself and my body, down on my job, down on people who piss me off.  It really takes a ton of energy to keep myself out of that hole.  But it takes a ton of dark energy to sit in that hole.  It consumes me and drags me down even further.  So I wake up every morning pushing the darkness away and allowing the light to come in.  Sure, I'm frustrated that I may be dealing with another foot issue (the "good" foot this time), but I still have a ton for which I should be grateful.

I woke up really early on New Year's Day (LAME!!!  I wanted to sleep in!) and I decided to play around with the app called Flipagram.  It takes your photos from Instagram or other places and lets you add music.  I got to reminisce about all the fun I had in 2013.  I really probably made too many of them, but I had a blast doing it.  You can watch 15 seconds of the Healing Viking Warrior HERE.  Watch #myfatwashere HERE.  Or see my cupcake obsession HERE.  And pole dance is for everyBODY HERE

I'm not saying you won't be seeing anymore rants from me here or on Facebook, but I am definitely making a concerted effort to let more things go this year and spend more time taking care of myself instead of trying to please everyone.  A few years ago, I read an article about saying yes.  It said to essentially say yes to everything because you didn't want to miss opportunities.  So I did and I definitely had some awesome opportunities present themselves.  But while I understand where they were going with that, if I truly said yes to everything, I'd have to stop sleeping.  So I am weighing options and allowing myself to sit at home doing nothing every great once in awhile.  I am limiting my events to one per day (really going for only one per weekend) and trying to keep my to-do list to only two or three items per day.    

I saw this meme on Facebook on Tuesday.  Since we all seem to believe we do get that clean slate each New Year's Day, I hope to fill my book with lots of love, positivity and fun adventures.  I hope that your book is filled with the same.

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