Thursday, August 28, 2014

I went to Stockton-Con and met Nicholas Brendon

A couple of weekends ago, my friend Kate had asked me to go to Stockton-Con.  I knew Chunky Girl Comics were going to be there but I had so much going on with NCPP coming up.  I was feeling burned out on working, so at the last minute, I asked Kate if she still wanted to go.  She said YES.

Kate was interested in seeing one of her favorite stars from Buffy, Nicholas Brendon.  I didn't watch Buffy but knew him from Criminal Minds.  And I'm always down for an adventure, so off to Stockton we went.  Kate didn't realize exactly how far Stockton is from us.  So we left slightly late in the afternoon, then had to drive over an hour.  We arrived at the event around 2 PM.  It was done at 4.  As we are walking up to the doors, I see Nicholas pass me.  I probably terrified him by spinning around and clamping my hand down on his shoulder.  I said, you're coming back, right?!  He said yes.  Whew.  Kate was mortified but we continued into the convention center.

 Kate and I said hi to Marissa at the Chunky Girl Comics both and Ray at the Tragic Hero Comics booth, then went to an ATM near where the celebrities hang out.  I am kind of looking around, trying to figure out where our target is.  And, duh, he's practically right in front of us!  He waves us over.  I think Kate is mortified again.  He introduces himself as Nicky and was so sweet.  We took a photo with him for the Central Valley Business Journal.  Then Kate chatted with him.  We took some photos.  And we were on our way.  After wandering around awhile, I feel like maybe I too should have taken a photo with our new friend, Nicky.  So we go back upstairs and I exclaim that it is time for me to take a photo and get an autograph.  Kate is once again mortified.  Here's where it gets weird.  I asked Nicky where he was staying.  In my brain, it was because I couldn't imagine they put him up in a hotel actually located in Stockton (I figured he came in through Sacramento).  But it really just sounded super creepy like I was going to show up at his hotel room door.  Awesome.  Sorry, Kate!  I only ever want to be medium creepy.  I don't try to shoot directly for super creep.  I think Kate literally almost died at this point.

Thanks to Nicky for not throwing me in jail when I went super creeper on him!  Thanks, Kate for not leaving me there.  Oh wait, luckily I was driving.  Another adventure in the books... 

Kate and I are looking to create pole dancing superheros so we can play ourselves at Comic-Con next year.  Plans are in the works...  I think my super power will be that I can do handstands and rip zombies' heads off their shoulders with my amazing thighs.  Leave a comment and let me know what superhero name you would give me! 

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