Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Adventures of my Ol' Lady Hip

I really can't catch a break in the body department.  I was close to finishing my rounds of myofascial release on my left hip when I flipped in Vegas and supposedly ruptured a disc in my back, screwed up my left foot and injured my neck.  Now, at about nine weeks out from that injury, I am almost healed enough to get back to the hip again. 

My hip has had quite a few pain free days so I can't complain.  The myofascial release really does work.  But the injuries to my foot and back have slowed down that recovery (perhaps even driven me backwards a bit).  I should have had another two appointments on my hip before my doctor could comfortably tell me if he thought I was "cured," but we had to switch the focus to my foot (we didn't even bother with the back...I was just told to be careful with my exercise to allow the disc to heal).  My doctor basically did the same thing to my foot that he did to my hip.  Like deep tissue massage but on a very bony area -- no fun.  He was also giving me B12 injections in the top of my foot -- even less fun.  Two months later, my left foot is still slightly swollen and the toes are tight so it is hard to bend them.  I have stretches to help with that, and they are helping, but this sure is a slow process.  And, now my hip is having more and more "bad" days again. 

At my last appointment with my doctor (I'm in this guy's office every single week now), he felt around on my foot and finally said there has to be more going on.  He says that a lot of these issues are related to my tight calves.  Funny he should mention that...  I told him how I was having the Graston technique done on my feet and calves (oh yeah, because my left foot has been killing me lately and I would really like to avoid surgery like I had on my right foot).  Angela had also noticed these ridiculous knots in my calves and really spent more time there than she did on my feet.  I told my doctor about our findings and he said he was glad she was helping us.

So, now that my feet are getting some attention at Body Strong Massage, I am hoping my doctor can get back to treating my hip.  I don't know if this injury is going to just be something I will have to return to have treated every few months.  I had experienced so much less pain for awhile there that I thought I might be permanently cured.  I guess only time will tell.

Getting old sure does suck sometimes!  I truly understand now what they mean when they say youth is wasted on the young.  If I could just Benjamin Button this life, I feel like I would be so much better off!!

Well, hey, as long as I can still do yoga in stilettos

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