Friday, January 23, 2015

The Volcano Has Erupted!

Barely five weeks after "Tsunami" landed, "Volcano" has erupted!  Welcome my new nephew, Tyler, to the world!  

Why Volcano?  My brother and sister-in-law's friends' four-year-old thought Volcano would be a great name for him, and the rest of us agree!  While both sisters-in-law were pregnant, we then decided the other baby needed a similar name, and that is how Tsunami was born.

It has been really awesome watching both of my brothers turn into fathers.  They are both going to be great dads!  I am also proud of both sisters-in-law.  Neither got to follow their birth plan but both ended up with beautiful babies in the end!  I guess that goes to show us that we don't always get to make the rules!

I am still trying to balance my life and am thinking about making some additional changes.  I'll definitely let people know if/when things happen.  But for now, I plan to enjoy these babies!

Seneti thinks cousin looks yummy!
Meeting Tyler for the first time


  1. Congratulations! :)

    "Neither got to follow their birth plan but both ended up with beautiful babies in the end!" -- All the more reason to hire a midwiife/doula if in the United States. The c-section rates are high at most hospitals, it brings more money in less time, and mothers are given pitocin without their knowledge or permission.

    Another option is delivering abroad. If I become pregnant, I will absolutely have my child abroad where the doctors let nature happen instead of being worried about being sued or caring about maximizing their bottom line. As an added bonus, in most countries the child can end up with dual citizenship.

    1. A midwife was involved. Sometimes medical emergencies arise and things don't go as planned. And you have to do what's safe for mama and baby.