Monday, April 20, 2015

The Benefits of Yoga

Buck helping with downward dog
Last year, I wrote about how long I have been doing yoga -- currently coming up on 18 years!  In that blog, I mentioned an instructor named David, who taught at Bally.  I really missed him!  Well, I started my new job at a local city attorney's office and found a yoga class in the library next door twice a week at lunch.  Guess who was teaching?!  DAVID!  I was so thrilled.  So, twice a week, I am now taking yoga from David.  And Theresa is still teaching at 24 Hour Fitness twice a week (although, due to parking issues at night and the fact that I'm gone almost every weekend, I haven't been to see Theresa nearly as often as I would like).

I almost base my overall health and strength based on how well I chaturanga in yoga.  My chaturanga is getting stronger.  If I could only get yoga four days a week at lunch, and free up my evenings, my life would be complete!!  Well, if I could get Theresa to come teach those classes so I could have the best of both worlds, I may explode with happiness.  It would not be fair for life to be that easy and amazing, so I have to carry on -- planning to hit up yoga five days a week and being happy if I make it three.

I do feel healthier and stronger, whether it is true or not, I'm not really sure.  I have also been hiking with my family.  I feel great.  And I am still just tickled to death that I found David again.

Yoga really IS the perfect exercise.  I know I could probably use a little more cardio (and am going to start Jazzercise with some of the ladies from work next month), but for now, I am just happy that I am getting regular activity that I actually enjoy.

What is your go-to exercise?  I know most of you will say pole dance but there has to be something more to your fitness regimen, right??

Wondering about Tsunami and Volcano?  Here they are!

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