Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Body Alignment

I think I first heard Katy Bowman on the Joe Rogan podcast.  Those podcasts run three hours so you really get to know a lot about each guest.  So much of what she said about pain in the body and body alignment made sense.  I immediately got on her website and started downloading her podcast.  

Katy is a biomechanist, and she basically tells people how to move properly.  From walking to sitting, she has interesting information on what we are all doing wrong.  Cavemen weren't used to sitting in front of computers 12 hours a day.  Our bodies are made to move freely, not sit captive.  She doesn't have a couch in her house (she sits on the floor).  She doesn't even sleep in a real bed!  

Katy has written several books, including Move Your DNA, Whole Body Barefoot, and Alignment Matters.  She has a blog on her website and also offers exercise videos (for a fee).  

From her post about "Diseases of Captivity:"

It’s so much easier to see diseases of captivity in other species. In my next book there’s an entire section that explains the floppy orca fin, how it occurs in captivity, how to recognize your own “floppy fin,” and why exercise does not replace movement.
From SeaWorld: “While a killer whale can and occasionally might travel as much as 100 miles in a day, it should be said that swimming that distance is not integral to a whale’s health and well-being. It is likely foraging behavior. Given the challenge of finding and killing as much as 300 pounds of prey every day, killer whales in the wild — like any species — conserve energy and move only as much as necessary. Killer whales living in our parks are given all the food they require. They also exercise, receive veterinary care, live in the company of other members of their species, and receive mental stimulation. They adapt very well to life in a zoological setting.” Anyone else see the similarities between what SeaWorld is telling us and what we are telling ourselves?
Or a post about exercise:
Exercise is convenient, for sure, but it can also be a highly processed version of what our body requires from movement. Exercise can fall way short of the nutrients movement provides. In short, exercise is the junk food of moving.
Katy believes in eating well and moving naturally.  I've never heard anyone take it to the level she does, but it is all very interesting to me.  
There's almost too much information to digest on her website.  I'm thinking about picking up one of her books.  I am still on the hunt for a permanent fix on a lot of my body issues, and this is just another step in the right (I hope) direction.  I won't be getting rid of my bed or anything, but I am interested in being more aware of my alignment and adding more natural movement to my day.  Has anyone else heard of Katy or her natural movement?  I would love to hear about your experiences!
Not natural movement but still much enjoyed pigeon pose

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