Monday, June 15, 2015

DXA Scan Update

I feel like you are looking at me naked!
In 2013, only a few months after my foot surgery, I had a DXA scan.   A year and a half later, I went back for an update.  I have lost a few pounds (damn, I should have done this last year before the Halloween candy got to me).  I am working out five to six days a week.  I am eating way better.  I must have SO MANY MUSCLES!

Boy, did I disappoint myself.

I was a mere four pounds lighter at my latest appointment.  My lean mass went up by two pounds.  My fat mass went down by four pounds.  Not sure how that math works out...  My body fat percentage went down a whopping 1.3%.  Once again, I can't blame anything on being big boned.  My bones weighed in at only 6.2 pounds.

I realize that, like the scale, these numbers don't define me, give me purpose in life or really mean anything.  But it sure is disappointing to feel like I am making an effort and not seeing results.  I don't know what number would have made me happy.  Perhaps this was something that will always be a set-up to feel disappointment.  The one thing I've learned in life is that having expectations is a sure-fire way to feel disappointed as things usually don't go the way I planned.

Practicing baby yoga with Tsunami
Part of the reason I wanted to get my fat checked in the first place was to check the visceral fat, which is the new big-bad for this season.  It is the fat that packs your organs and supposedly makes your body struggle to work properly.  I feel like since I had my plastic/skin removal surgeries, my body shape has changed.  I now have saddlebags on my thighs, which I never had before.  I also carry a lot of extra back fat, which I never had before.  The fat essentially now gathers right above and right below my lower body lift scar, which completely encircles my body.  The pounds of fat in those areas (android and gynoid) were virtually unchanged (although the body fat percentages were slightly lower).  It is hard to tell from the diagram, but it appears that my visceral fat is around the same, and my back fat is considered subcutaneous, which is supposed to be less dangerous.

The one cool thing is a virtual-me was created as part of my latest appointment with DexaFit SF Bay Area, located in San Carlos.  If I do lose some fat and go back to get re-scanned, I can watch virtual-me change as well.  It's kind of fun!  I am watching my food a lot more carefully again, and I know I'm not supposed to expect weight loss, but part of me is still hoping.  My focus does remain on being strong, not getting thin.  And my chaturanga continues to get stronger!  That is pretty exciting.

Have you ever tried to measure your body fat?  How did you do it and what did you think about the process?


  1. This is interesting. I think it's the first time I've seen that there can be "proof" of what's happening. We normally have to rely on really vague or misleading tools like the scale or how we feel. I struggle a lot when I think I've worked really hard and don't see any results. I'm currently attempting some non-pole exercise and sure do hope I at least feel stronger from it.

    1. I'm currently doing yoga about five days a week. I haven't been to pole in a month or so. I pulled my shoulder and I don't want it to turn into a bigger problem. I'm also starting couch to 5k again to get ready for a race. I won't do another DXA scan until I've lost a good 25 pounds or so. It's pretty cool though!

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