Thursday, July 2, 2015

Not So Happy Feet

Last year, I chronicled my latest adventures with my feet (I had plantar fascial release on my right foot in 2013).  I was having the Graston technique performed, and after maybe 10-12 visits, by February of this year, my foot pain completely went away.  It was fantastic.

I got a few months of relief, then the pain started creeping in again.  I don't know what happened.  I can't blame my weight.  I essentially weigh the same.  Perhaps I am more active.  I am definitely hitting my yoga classes 4-5 days per week (plus I was doing pole every other week until I hurt my shoulder about a month ago, and hiking when I can get it in).  You would think that stretching wouldn't cause pain.

I signed up for a 5k in late July, so I started Couch to 5k again a few weeks ago (well, kind of started Couch to 5k).  The pain started before the jogging.  I did exactly two days of running and got scared that I would cause myself more misery so I got back in to see Angela and have her do the Graston technique on me.  This time, she added cups.  The suction brings pain relief almost instantly.  Unfortunately, the relief doesn't last forever.  (P.S.  The jogging never equaled additional pain.)

So, I don't know what it is.  Maybe I'm on my feet more at this new job (which I still LOVE, by the way).  Maybe the yoga IS too much.  Maybe my shoes are offending my feet.  Probably my sugar addiction is adding to the inflammation and pain (even though I'm so much better, there is freaking sugar in EVERYTHING).  Some days I just recognize I may never know what perfect storm set off this round of pain.  What I have learned is that I am what I eat, and if I am whining about my pain all the time, I just find more pain.  So, I am talking about it matter of factly but I am not trying to dwell on it.  I am not letting it hold me back from doing any of the things I want to do, but I am trying to be smart about rolling my feet out with a small ball (MELT Method) and icing on occasion.  I have also learned that if you don't use it, you lose it.  No matter what, I need to keep moving.

I have been working on something regarding food and health that I'm not ready to talk about yet.  But I feel like I'm in a much better place mentally than I have been in awhile.  The one thing I'm learning is that I need to stop beating myself up because that is what holds me back.  I hope to unveil a mentally healthier me in a few short months.

Do you have any foot pain tips?  Finding the Graston technique has been life changing for me.  Has anyone else tried it?

My sister got married last weekend -- thank goodness we weren't in heels all day!

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