Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Triumphant Return

For the past year, I have not spent much time on the pole.  It has been an interesting year.  I got my dream job, which I still love (and is the reason I stopped teaching).  I got out of a six-year relationship.  NCPP 2 happened!  I have been spending a lot of time with my family and the now one-year-old babies.  I lost my boss in a horrific manner.  I feel like I have been travelling at 100 MPH.  Yet, despite that last part, life has been pretty fantastic.  I'm happier and healthier than I have probably ever been.  (Thanks, Ellen!!  Update coming soon.)  As always, I have a ton of really fun things to do.  As I love to say: my life doesn't suck.

However, on Facebook, I would see posts from my pole dancing friends and I would wonder if I was missing out.  Twirly Girls has always been a safe place for me.  The studio is home.  No matter where I go in life, Mama Bel always makes me feel loved.  I have been poling for six years, and I really started to miss it.  So, last week, I went back to regular class.  I decided to go back to a class where I can work on my foundation again.  I feel like I am starting from the beginning.  I am so sore and bruised -- and it feels amazing.  I feel like I found my mojo pretty quickly.  I have never claimed to be the sexiest or strongest dancer, but I always find it freeing to turn the lights down and just let my body move.  One of the things I truly appreciate about Bel's class is the importance she places on being able to free dance.  I danced one song twice and felt like I was only tripped up or slowed down a couple of times.  I was pretty proud of myself.

So, this blog will once again start including pole on a regular basis (since that was the reason I started it to begin with).  I am looking forward to watching myself improve, getting my confidence back and returning to being the bad ass Twirling Viking Warrior that I used to be.  I am also excited to be working with Artista Active Wear as one of their brand ambassadors (use ABALM10 for 10% at checkout).  Watch my second free dance of the night below and feel free to leave comments with your thoughts on my triumphant return to the plus sized pole dancer world.  I'm back, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    1. Thank you!! I am really enjoying just being a student again. There is not a ton of pressure in this class. I love it.