Friday, February 19, 2016

#THISbody Movement: Here is what MY body does for me

Lane Bryant recently started the #ThisBody movement to celebrate plus sized models being included in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.  Larger bodies are not ugly and to be hidden.  They are not disgusting.  Our curves are sexy.  Desired.  Our bodies carry us through this crazy life.  As my recent Tinder adventures proved to me, there are plenty of men who agree that voluptuous women are hot.  It got me thinking about all the amazing things my body does for me.  It also reminded me of the #MyFatWasHere posts I did a couple of years ago (see links ONE -- I feel like I have come a long way since that post -- and TWO).  

THIS body is made...

to be worshiped
to love and to be loved
to have sex
to pole dance
to do yoga
to be strong
to be uncovered
to have fun
to be a good aunty
to be passionate
to inspire
to be a role model

I could go on forever.  There are so many things this body does for me.  It's a pretty amazing body, which has carried me on some fun adventures.  As usual, pictures speak louder than words, so check out some photos of the things this body has carried me through in the last few years, then leave a comment about what you think of your own beautiful body.

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