Sunday, April 3, 2016

Review of Mean Girl Productions' Pole Warmer

How many times have you run into a freezing studio (or room if you have a pole at home) and tried to jump on that ridiculously cold pile of steel that is your pole?

Recently, Mean Girl Productions sent me a pole warmer to try! I used it at Twirly Girls and did a quick video review.  Check it out below.

I have the Pole Warmer Pro Premium Package (this warmer is four feet long but it heats up an additional two feet of the pole, and they offer a six foot version). It also includes the remote. Especially in those places that are FUH-REEZING, this will help you get on the pole faster (and be safer)!

I imagine you could use this product in other places as well -- to heat up your yoga mat or even to lay across your feet when you're in bed. My feet are always freezing at night!

When you're ready to pick up yours, please visit their site (and check out their other products as well!):!pole-warmer-pro/c1236 

Thank you to Mean Girl Productions for sharing this with me! Let me know if you have tried the pole warmer, and what else you might use it for in the comments below!

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