Friday, June 3, 2016

Review: RAWR with Rodney James

Right before I broke my toe (see that post HERE), Rodney James asked if I would review his new DVD: RAWR With Rodney James - Burlesque Edition.  I said, yes, of course!  But then broken toe dictated that I had to wait a bit.  The toe doesn't hurt on a daily basis anymore but I still have an issue with balancing poses in yoga and I still can't wear heels without pain.  That is probably due to the fact that I returned to yoga and pole within two weeks of the break.  I had a routine for which I had to prepare!  I no longer have a jabba the hut toe, but it is still slightly fatter than my other baby toe, and sometimes that foot in general will be swollen if I'm on my feet for too long.  Old lady problems.

Let's get back to RAWR though.  First and foremost, I love what Rodney stands for and I love his message to women.  He preaches confidence and sexiness and encourages you to unleash the tigress within.  As someone who has been trying to get my sexy back, this really spoke to me.  So many of us spend our lives feeling like we will be sexy when we hit some unknown goal.  When we lose five pounds.  After we have our kids.  When someone we like likes us back.  The truth is, sexiness and confidence have nothing to do with any of that.  You can find your sexy now.  No matter your age, your size, whether that boys loves you too, or whether you can actually afford those seven inch Pleasers you just bought.  Oh yeah, you should rock those!

The DVD starts with a warm-up, then slowly teaches you the moves for the routine.  This routine is very simple and appropriate for all levels.  You move so deliberately, so slowly and sensually.  You can't help but feel sexy while you are doing your final performance.  There is a lot of emphasis placed on doing your kegels during practice, which is beneficial for so many reasons.  Squeeze hard, ladies!

I feel very fortunate that Rodney is actually living in my area right now and offering workshops.  I hope to take a class in person very soon.  For those of you who can't take a class, would like to add this to your workout regimen or aren't ready to leave the house with your sexy self yet, this DVD is perfect.  Please check out the link HERE.

Check out the RAWR trailer and leave a comment below if you have ever taken a class with Rodney and want to shout out about how much fun you had!

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