Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'm a Pole Dancer!

Sometime in the last year, I started noticing posts in a Facebook group called, I'm a Pole Dancer.  I'm added to new groups all the time, so I did't pay much attention at first.  I did eventually notice that the group was HUGE -- over 70,000 members.  And people were sharing everything they loved about pole -- from their favorite moves to their go-to products.  Then I found out my friend, Janette, was the creator of the group!

Not only is Janette facilitating this active group, she now offers pole dancing clothing!  She was a vendor at Pole Expo this year.  I bought a tank top and she also provided me with a birthday sweat suit outfit.  In addition, we represented at Thunder from Down Under by wearing our Pole Dancer hats.  It isn't always easy to find pole clothes in extended sizes and I am excited to share that Janette has larger sizes!  I generally wear a 2X in pole clothes and she had plenty of things to fit me.  If you would like to purchase clothing, please visit THIS link.

Please check out her group, show some love and pick up some cute pole clothing!

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