Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Twirl for a Cause Reminder: Out of the Darkness Walk

We are only TEN DAYS away from our next show!

On Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 6:00 PM, Twirl for a Cause and Club 1220 will host a fundraiser for my Out of the Darkness Walk. 

I promise a fun show filled with pole dancers and faux drag queens (well, Marisa and me...).  I even understand we may have some singing and perhaps a burlesque performance. 

The subject matter may be a little heavy, and you may wonder if it is odd that we are using pole dance to support an event to bring awareness to suicide prevention.  In light of the recent withdrawal of support of an abused women's center for a Take Back the Night event in London because pole dancing was going to be a featured demonstration, I thought perhaps I should tackle the subject before it is applied to our situation. 

I sometimes wonder how it feels to sit on your high horse and judge those around you.  Part of me wanted to come here to say, how dare you compare pole fitness or dancing with stripping, because we all know that's what you're doing when you say that pole dancing shouldn't be featured in a night that is designed to bring awareness to sexual violence against women and "gender non-conforming folks."  (That is taken from their Facebook page directly.) 

However, after my recent experiences with Lux ATL, I am trying to be much more careful about the words I choose when discussing stripping and pole dancing.  Because somehow when I strip a shirt off in pole class and upload my video to YouTube, it's sexy and artful, but when the women I met at the strip club in Las Vegas last weekend do it, they're just whores. 

It seems like a center that deals with abused women may want to be more inclusive, and women -- humans -- of all walks of life experience abuse.  They all deserve support.  

I appreciate that our event has not had any backlash.  I imagine I could try to understand why outsiders may look down on using pole dance as a way to raise money for a cause, but I'm too busy thanking everyone for their support.  Suicide touches so many people.  It is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States -- almost 43,000 people per year take their own lives.  I realize it is too late to save my aunt or my boss, but if I can use this event to bring awareness to suicide prevention (also to making resources available and removing the stigma attached to asking for help), then I feel like I am doing the right thing. 

We are still accepting raffle prizes.  If you have a company that would like to donate to the cause, please let me know.  Thank you to Cowboy Wild (Robert) for setting this up for me.  Thank you to Club 1220 for hosting.  Thank you to the dancers who will be donating their time.  And thank you to everyone who will be attending.  I am always touched at the support of the pole dancing community and 1220 crowd.

If you are unable to make it to the event, but would like to donate, please use THIS link.  If you would prefer to send me a check, please contact me directly.  Otherwise, I look forward to seeing everyone on the 24th with your dollar bills in hand!

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