Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Healing Viking Warrior: Two Months Post-Op

I am officially two months post-op from my breast reduction/lift (it is a little more complicated than can read about it HERE.)

This week, I returned to lunchtime yoga.  It was a fairly gentle class, but I am still a bit sore today.  I expected downward dog or moving from plank to cobra to be most difficult.  The only move to really hurt?  Child's pose.  Not even because I was on my stomach -- but because I pulled back and kneed myself in the under-boob.  HA!

I expect to add back another yoga class next week, then hula and pole over the next couple of weeks, ending with the addition of my final yoga class in about a month.  Basically, by March 1, I should be fully back in my five day workout schedule.  I have been doing the squat challenge and am doing some gentle stretches, planks and other abs in the mornings before work.

I do wonder if some of my weight loss was due to muscle loss.  We all know "muscle weighs more than fat."  If that's the case, then my pants size should continue to go down even if the scale moves upward again once I'm working out.  I currently weigh 235 pounds (down from 245-247 just a few months ago).  I haven't been this weight in over six years.  I'm trying hard not to trigger my disordered eating/thinking, but I am a little too pleased with this weight loss.  I still equate skinny with happy, even though I know damn well that's not the truth.

I am extremely pleased with how I'm healing.  I still have some pain in the scar under the breast.  The mesh connects there, so its possible it will always feel a little weird.  I was able to lay down on my stomach for a massage last week (using pillows for padding and to partially prop me up).  I can lay on my side now (which is how I fall asleep, so once I was off the pain meds, falling asleep became difficult).

My measurements are still pretty much the same.  My bra size is around a 42G.  My implants are a full 100 cc's smaller, which should equate to one size smaller.  Perhaps I am still swollen.  However, I am not unhappy with the results.  They are lifted back into place, and I am able to wear cute little bralettes.

Since I am getting tons of comments about my weight, I figured people would be interested in before and after photos in that regard (I don't think most would appreciate nudies of how my boobs are healing).  So, check out some photos from the last few months.  Cheers!


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