Tuesday, September 12, 2017

41: The Year of Joy

I turned 41 a couple of weeks ago.  Much like turning 40 last year (you can read that story HERE), nothing happened.  Obviously, if you've read some recent posts, I may have had a little melt down, but that was unrelated to my age.  And now that some time has passed, I feel like I have clarity and resolve that I'm on the right path. 

I decided to apply a theme to my 41st year.  So, this year is the Year of Joy.  I believe I am starting it off with a bang.  NCPP kicked off the season for me only a few days before my birthday.  Our fourth year was another success.  My family had a get-together for me the next day, which was awesome -- all of the babies came to see Aunty.  My birthday week was actually pretty quiet but fun.  The day before my birthday, I went to dinner with friends.  On my actual birthday, I chose to go to class with Janet (Operation Upside Down in full effect!).  Friday night, I went to dinner with friends again.  Then I was blessed with a long weekend.  I got to go to the beach with the family.  I went horseback riding with my sisters and enjoyed a drag show.  Then I walked the Golden Gate Bridge with Jade. 

Oh, the excitement doesn't end there.  One week after my birthday, I got on a plane and flew to Las Vegas to visit my friends at Pole Expo.  While there, I got to relax by the pool and wander the Strip.  I also went to see Magic Mike Live (go see that show, seriously!) and Thunder From Down Under with my amigos. 

I have a ton of awesome things coming up to end the year on a high note.  In a couple of weeks, I go to San Luis Obispo for a yoga retreat with one of the members of my favorite band, Pepper.  A couple of weeks after that, we are taking all of the babies to Disneyland!  And in December, the family is heading back to Vegas for a few days -- to celebrate Seneti's third birthday. 

I am extremely grateful for the life that I have and the people with whom I have crossed paths.  I really am surrounded by an amazing group of people. 

I have started using #365daysofjoy on Instagram and Twitter to share a photo of something that makes me happy every day.  I am also keeping an album on Facebook.  I hope to inspire others to join me.  Even if you don't want to share every single day, I'd love to see what makes you happy.

Here's to 41 being a joyful year filled with family, friends and adventures!  Thank you all for being part of that journey!

Some photos of the things that have brought me joy over the last few months:

This face brings me joy

Introducing Colter!

Don't ask...


I adore how much these cousins love each other

The three amigos!

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