Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Feet!

In 2013, I had plantar fascial release surgery on my right foot.  It was determined I had a bone spur and the spur was touching the fascia, which was causing pain.  My theory was that I went from working a job that allowed me to wear yoga pants and flip flops all day to commuting to San Francisco on BART and had to wear "real shoes."  After years of only wearing flippies, my feet didn't like real shoes.  My podiatrist tried to tell me I would never walk barefoot or be able to wear flip flops again.  I don't think so.  I live in California.  I wear flip flops unless its snowing.

It took almost a year after surgery for my foot to stop hurting.  I got maybe six pain-free months before my feet started to hurt again.  I started having the graston technique (you can read one of those blogs HERE), which helped a lot.  I also imagine losing weight helped.  I still dance and walk barefoot without issue and have not given up my flip flops.  My feet have been pain-free for probably two years.  

I DO, however, wear super comfy flippies.  I use oofos, which are like pillows for your feet!  If you have sore tootsies, check them out!

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