Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The softest feet ever...

A year or so ago, I tried Baby Foot after reading some threads on Facebook.  I read the instructions and it does tell you that your feet will peel about a week after you use the product.  I put the bags on my feet for an hour, washed them off, noted absolutely nothing was different, and then completely forgot about it.  About five days later, I thought my feet were falling off.  I was shedding skin like a snake.  It is impressive and disgusting all at the same time.  Peeling the skin off is insanely gratifying, even if its super gross (I'm pretty sure the instructions tell you not to do it).  And it gave me the softest feet I've probably had since I was a baby.  I warn about the peeling because, if you're a pole dancer (or someone who is barefoot often), you're going to want to time it right (the peeling lasted several days).  Otherwise, you will look like you have some crazy foot disease in class.  But it is completely worth it!  And it lasted for a good six months.

So give Baby Foot a try!


  1. I go to aerials 3-4x/week. It would be hard to time it that well. Was it more satisfying than peeling after a sunburn?

    1. If you can wear socks, it's fine. It was 100 times more satisfying than peeling a sunburn! It was so disgusting but I couldn't stop! lol