Monday, December 18, 2017

The Healthy Viking Warrior

Since having gastric bypass in 2004, I have been the queen of supplements and vitamins.  I still drink protein shakes and I take an insane number of pills every day -- all just to keep me alive and healthy.  When I started working with Ellen (A Balanced Table), I started taking a bunch of supplements and vitamins that are only available through a licensed nutritionist (and if you are trying to get control of your health for any reason, I highly suggest you contact Ellen).  However, I do still take some "over the counter" supplements that I can share.

When I first had surgery, whey protein was kind of the "gold standard" for protein powders.  It was called a "predigested" protein, which was easier for my altered stomach to digest.  At Ellen's suggestion, I switched to a grass fed beef protein powder.  No, it doesn't taste like beef.  I use vanilla, and I find it to be a much higher quality protein.  I tried to go back to whey (as it is cheaper than my new protein powder), but I could taste the fake sugar in the whey.  You get what you pay for.  So I am sold on this one.

A year or so ago, I started adding a collagen protein to my shake.  I felt like it would be good for my hair and nails.  It has no taste.

I take my probiotics religiously.  I take one that I get through Ellen.  I also drink a kefir tea every other day.  When I am in a bind, I do like this brand (in fact, if you ever have to take an antibiotic, they have a five day super strong version that I take to replenish the good bacteria; you can find it in the fridge at places like Whole Foods):

I also take fish oil.  I don't eat fish but I know its good for your brain.  Ellen had me switch to fermented cod liver oil.  It also helps with inflammation.

Anyway, these are just a few of my favorite supplements (I also take a simple biotin for my hair and nails).  Working with Ellen on my health and making supplements like these a priority have helped me feel better than I have in years.  At 41, I feel better than I did in my 30's! 

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