Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Eager Anticipation

As you have probably noticed, I've been changing.  I'm trying to live a more joyful life, complain less, take care of myself more.  (You can read about the Unicorn Journey HERE.)  I feel like a completely different person.  I also feel like the last year has been like a sonic boom.  I feel like my eyes are open now and there's no stopping me from following this path.

My friend Cathy is an intuitive (you can find here Facebook page HERE).  Cathy reads your energy.  Sometimes she hears things.  Sometimes she sees things.  She is always dead on with my readings.  I am an empath.  I feel things.  Sometimes I touch people and get flashes of how they feel.  It also means narcissists are attracted to me like a moth to the flame.  It explains a lot of my relationships.

Anyway, during a recent reading, Cathy told me she kept smelling bread baking.  She said it smelled so good.  She talked about the eager anticipation of amazing things to come.  The bread is baking.  You don't have to do anything to make it happen.  You just wait and let it finish baking.  (Don't worry, Ellen, it's gluten free.)  A little bit later, I was visiting Lake Tahoe and Cathy texted me that she'd been smelling bread baking all morning and she knew it was for me.  I'm on the right path still and good things are coming!

I had a bit of an epiphany this week about a friend of mine.  I was trying to figure out his purpose in my life.  We are certainly attracted to each other but we aren't really in the right place to date each other.  And it finally hit me.  He is teaching me how to enjoy that eager anticipation.  It is like my story about the Road to Hana (you can read that story HERE).  I often spend so much time and effort getting to the finish line that I don't enjoy the journey.  He doesn't even know it but he is teaching me to enjoy the journey.

I was just reminded to continue to enjoy the small things.  Although it certainly is fun to do big exciting adventures or go on expensive trips far away, it is more important to find joy in the simple things I do every day.  Because I spend way more time in my daily life than I do on vacation.  I do have a lot of fun.  Last weekend, I floated the American River and went to an A's game.  A friend messaged me and asked, are you ever home?!  Nah.  The only thing I'm going to do at home is watch TV and eat.  I'd much rather be out having fun.

So this is a reminder to you as well!  Your entire life is a journey.  Hopefully we will all continue to learn and grow so that the journey continues.  The bread is baking and the timer is about to go off!  Amazing things are coming and I cannot wait!

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