Northern California
Pole Presentational

Inaugural event: Saturday, August 23, 2014
Location: The Stage Company, San Jose, California

NCPP was born out of a need to create performance and judged feedback opportunities for pole fitness enthusiasts in the Bay Area and the greater Northern California/Nevada region. This event is all-inclusive, meaning that anyone who is interested can sign up. Participants need not submit a submission video - simply sign up for NCPP and get to work creating your routine!

Amy Bond initially brought this idea to me in 2013. Amy had been pole dancing for three years: from Portland, OR, to Boston and NYC, to Sydney, Australia and Singapore. Through all of her travels to pole fitness studios across the world, the one thing that she is continually impressed by is the close knit community of pole dance competitions which she aimed to bring to NCPP. She likes to pole dance pretty much everywhere.

After Amy’s life took her in other directions, Ellen Lovelace stepped in to partner with me to produce the event. Ellen and I together have many years of experience in the NorCal pole community, blogging, teaching, and performing.

Thank you to Amy Bond for trusting me with her idea and to Ellen for being my partner in this adventure!

Read my first NCPP blog post here!

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