Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is your heart rate when you workout?

I wear a heart rate monitor when I workout.  I obsessively check it to make sure I'm "in the zone."  I'm always okay with going "over" the "zone," and can usually burn 600-800 calories in an hour-long spin class.  In spin, we try to go between four zones.  I had "eyeballed" my zones a long time ago and always based my zones on those estimates.  This morning, I sat down to do the math about my "actual" zones.  Lots of quotation marks today because, as with a lot of health-related subjects, everything is open to interpretation.  So today I started a conversation on Facebook about heart rates and what they mean. 

Rather than try to rehash the conversation, I'll post the conversation at the end of this post.  You will see some posts from Joy Poulsen.  I have always liked Joy's advice.  She runs a boot camp company called Inspire FitnessCheck them out on Facebook.  And I have already printed the links she sent me and will be figuring out my true max heart rate soon! 

Lori Myers I just re-figured out my "max heart rate." Whoops. I'm surprised I haven't fallen over and died!

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    • Heather Scissor Speer The elliptical always says 152 for me... I've gone wayyyyyy over that many times. Haha! So, how do you calculate the real number?
      2 hours ago ·
    • Lori Myers Well in spin, they want us in zones. So zone 4 is usually the highest and they don't want you there often or long (85-90% of max). Take 220 minus your age and then you can multiply out your percentages. According to my new math, I spend a lot more time in zone 4 than I should.
      2 hours ago ·
    • Heather Scissor Speer Won't that get better the better in shape you get?
      2 hours ago ·
    • Lori Myers
      Zone 1: 50-55% - 93-102
      I was using: Under 130

      Zone 2: 65-75% - 120-139
      I was using: 130-150
      Zone 3: 75-85% - 139-158
      I was using: 150-170

      Zone 4: 85-90% - 158-167
      I was using: 170 +

      220 - age x percentage
      220 - 34 (my age this month) = 186 max heart rate
      2 hours ago
    • Heather Scissor Speer Cause I noticed the more weight I've lost, the harder it is to reach my target heart rate. I used to step on the elliptical and my heart rate would get there in 30 seconds. LOL
      2 hours ago
    • Lori Myers I was spinning between 150-160 most of the time. Now I'm trying to stay between 140-150.
      2 hours ago
    • Lori Myers Heather, yes, the better shape you get into, the harder you have to work to hit your target heart rate. I hear that the faster you recover, the better shape you are in.
      2 hours ago
    • Lori Myers Seriously, some days I'd just stand up and be at my target. lol. I was pushing myself before and burning up to 800 calories during one spin session. Now I'm shooting for 650.
      2 hours ago
    • Heather Scissor Speer All these factors.. sheesh... I really need to set up my bodybugg account.. its just lame though.. its like 15 bucks for the software.. and 50 for a phone session w/a coach or something and you HAVE to buy them together. Lame! I just want the software!
      2 hours ago
    • Lori Myers Ooooh!!! You have one though?!! That's cool!
      2 hours ago via Email Reply
    • Heather Scissor Speer Yeah. The older model.. but it still works. I've never used it myself though.. lol
      2 hours ago
    • Joy Poulsen Lori have you tried calculating your max hr using the Heart Zones methodology. I'm a certified HZ trainer and the CEO of HZ has worked for years to dispel the myth that 220-age is not accurate for assessing max hr but it's the only one most gyms and folks know so hence used more often. There's a sub-maximal test you can do in a gym to assess your true max hr and I can send you the protocol if you like.
      2 hours ago
    • Lori Myers Joy, I'd love to see it!
      2 hours ago via Email Reply
    • Joy Poulsen ok I'll send it to you in a min.
      about an hour ago
    • Joy Poulsen this is a great article from one of the gurus on testing hr and I'm sending you the protocol next
      about an hour ago
    • Joy Poulsen
      and here's a threshold test -

      this I really like to do after I've established my true max hr. Threshold is really the number that we work at (anaerobically) to burn the highest a...mount of calories. The fitter we get the higher our threshold number will move, narrowing the gap between threshold and true max hr. there are 2 training methodologies basically when using hr training; 1) to work out using the Max hr as your anchor or 2) to workout using Threshold as your anchor - I prefer using threshold because it's the number I can see, feel, and use and see it change over time
      about an hour ago
    • David Pearson Not sure how accurate 220 minus ones age is or I would be dead at every Brazen Race. Last race I was talking to the paramedic and he said that in CC County, anything over 155 and he can use the paddles. I laughed and told him I hit that every day in spin.
      about an hour ago
    • Joy Poulsen right on David. my 220-age mhr would be 171 but my HR tested max is actually 190 so if I used the "old formula" I wouldn't be missing out on zones 4 and 5 altogether and my threshold is tested at 170 so I'd never be hitting it.
      about an hour ago
    • Lori Myers Thank you so much for all of this info, Joy! I will check it out now!
      about an hour ago


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Introducing DUCK DUCK GOOSE!

So I needed a feel good story.  I still love Creepy Tree, even though haters tried to take my joy away.  So I thought I'd write about my friend, Brandi's goose, Duck Duck Goose.  Brandi got DDG four or five months ago.  And DDG has imprinted on Brandi as her mom and Brandi's pugs as her siblings.  That goose has no idea she's a goose!  Brandi has an awesome menagerie, including the pugs, a kitty, a snake, a chick, a parrot and who knows what else!  It seems like every day I see a new animal on her Facebook page.  :-)  Anyway, not much to say...just wanted to post some cute photos and post a link to DDG's new fan page on Facebook.  Become a fan and follow the adventures of Duck Duck Goose, and her bouncers, The Pugs!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sometimes you just need to step away

So I realized I haven't talked about my pole dancing adventures much lately.  I recently realized I have over-extended myself in a lot of areas of my life.  I'm getting up at 5 a.m. to work out, shower, drive to work, work a full day, drive home, get in bed by 9 p.m., then do it all over again.  Oh yeah, and somewhere in there fit in eating, household chores and spending time with Rob.  I usually go to Twirly Girls on Wednesday nights (and Saturday mornings).  Class is from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.  On those nights, I barely get home in time to fall into time for hanging out or eating dinner.  Tuesdays is yoga.  That class doesn't even get out until almost 9 p.m., so I really don't have time for any extras.  On top of all of that, this summer, I've had a lot of housesitting jobs offered to me.  I recently started asking friends to help with the overflow because I have spent well over half the summer sleeping in someone else's bed. 

Rob and I celebrated a year together last weekend.  And by celebrated, I mean we stayed at home almost all weekend, doing nothing but watching movies and hanging out.  It was some necessary R&R.  But it wasn't enough.  This weekend I start a week-long housesitting job, which is followed immediately by another week-long housesitting job.  That takes me right up to my birthday weekend, where we have planned an overnight trip to Calistoga for mud baths and massages.  It will be a nice reward but the next two weeks are making me tired already.

So I decided it was time to take a break from Twirly Girls for the next two months.  Not because I don't love Twirly Girls but because it's about a 30 minute drive from my house and I needed to get some time back in my week.  I've also taken a step back in the social I am hoping the combination will allow me to get back into sync with myself and then I'll be back in the saddle sooner rather than later!

The good news is that I have my pole set up at home now so tonight I'm going to make some time to work on a few strength building moves.  I recently saw a photo on Facebook of a girl doing a headstand against the pole...and her back is bent.  I need to learn how to do this.  So I'll work on some head and handstands tonight.  It won't be an entire hour and a half of pole but it will be enough.  I got my new PoleSkivvies, so it's a good excuse to try them out and take a photo for Jennifer's website. 

To check in on the weight loss front, last week, I made it to the gym for the early morning workout three mornings.  This week I'm on track to workout six days.  I'm spinning Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings.  Weights Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Yoga at the gym on Tuesday night and at home on Friday morning.  It's a good schedule that has worked for me before so it should work again.

I met with a nutritionist, Linda Michaelis, a little over a week ago.  She gave me a lot of great suggestions for moving things around in my diet.  I am trying to do low sugar/carb...limiting refined sugars and bread but not cutting them out completely (just mostly watching WHEN I eat them).  I'm allowed to eat 2,000 calories on days I don't work out and 2,200 calories on days I do workout.  I feel like I'm eating all day long, so I don't feel hungry or dissatisfied at all.  I lost five pounds last week, so it's working. 

So, that's me checking in.  I may have gone quiet but I haven't gone away.  I am heading to Texas in September and hoping to make it to Hawaii in October.  By then, I hope to be back in the swing of things and on my way to getting into great shape once again!

Here's a photo of Jessalynn Medairy at Pole Summer Camp in the Caribbean with Milan Pole Dance Studio.  THIS is the bend I need to learn how to put into my back.  Can you train your back to bend like that or does your body just do that?!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The iPhone 4

So, as most of my friends know, I'm an iPhone junkie.  I even have a support group on Facebook for my addiction.  I previously had the iPhone 3G (second generation phone...first was the iPhone, then 3G, then 3GS).  Sadly, I am all too familiar with the reception issues that have been caused by the AT&T-Apple relationship.  I've had AT&T for years and have never had any reception issues, so there's something going on with the iPhone that causes dropped calls. I love my iPhone and I can admit this. 

I had been trying to hold on to see if the iPhone would jump to Verizon, still hoping it would somehow have better reception.  The rumors were swirling.  Yes, it's jumping.  No, it's not.  My iPhone was two years old and it was time to get a new phone.  I considered other Verizon phones.  But I felt like I had spent way too much money on iPhone apps to just walk away from the brand (they did that on purpose, right?!).  I considered just holding on to see how long my phone would last...maybe I could squeak out another six months or a year and Verizon would release an iPhone sooner rather than later. 

Then Rob got interested in the iPhone (he was a Verizon customer).  He was checking out all of the reviews and decided he wanted an iPhone too.  The iPhone 4 release was crazy.  People waiting in line overnight, or paying people to stand in line for them.  I get it.  iPhones are awesome.  But I wouldn't stand in line overnight for one.  Of course, they sold out everywhere.  Unless you pre-ordered you had no chance of getting one.  Another release date was set for a week or so later.  All of the pre-order people started getting their phones and complaining of issues.  This is a $500 to $700 phone.  It should not have issues.  In fact, it should cook your breakfast, make your bed and tie your shoes for you at that price.  People were claiming that if you touched certain points on the antenna (which is essentially the entire rim of your phone), your reception bars went down drastically.  We AT&T-iPhone people are used to reception issues but apparently this issue was EVEN WORSE.  How is that even possible?

Rob's friend, Cory, had a pre-ordered phone and said his worked fine.  He even let us touch it and kiss it and pet it (ok, he doesn't know about those last two parts, so no one needs to tell him).  Despite all the fuss about additional reception/antenna issues, we upgraded to the new iPhone 4, so I thought I'd give it a quick review.  Keep in mind I'm not a tech geek.  This is going to be short and sweet.

I LOVE MY iPHONE!  I always have.  I don't actually talk on the phone much, so I could care less if I have awesome reception -- I have "good-enough reception."  The new screen is so crystal clear, it's hard to comprehend unless you see it.  Five megapixel camera on the back (and another camera on the front for those self-portraits or for using FaceTime).  FINALLY A FLASH!  Although, I will admit the flash is overwhelming and pretty much sucks, at least I finally have one.  The supposed longer lasting battery may or may not be true.  I keep my phone plugged in while I'm at work, have a charger in the car, an external charger for my purse and have chargers laying around the house.  It's rare that I even let the battery get low enough to die. 

Back to the reception issue.  Even though I tried to hold my phone in a way to cause it to lose bars, I think I only got the right combination to actually make it happen it once.  This phone is made almost completely of glass. Why wouldn't you have a cover on it?  It protects your phone and completely takes away the (new) reception issue (the old one remains...which still isn't that big a deal to me).  I imagine with any kind of electronic device, a certain percentage will have some kind of bug.  And I just feel like there are the people who love Apple and the people who do not.  And it seems like the people who do not like to spend a lot of time talking about how crappy Apple is. 

So, if you're looking for a new phone and you LOVE Apple, you will probably love the iPhone.  If you HATE them, then don't bother.  I don't want to sit around listening to you bitch about how much you hate your phone.  I'm too busy playing Angry Birds and loving mine.