Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is my friend, Rita!

Fast Five Questions with Rita:

1. What first drew you to pole dancing?

I have been looking for a way to exercise that would be fun. I wanted to laugh, get fit, and feel pretty. When this opportunity arose, I thought why not. I was so nervous that first night. I truly am a very shy person inside and feel ugly most of the time. But Bel and you made that night so much fun. Finally a place to get fit, feel pretty, and laugh. The added bonus of Bel and the Twirly Girl community has made this perfect fit. (A big bonus has been having a friend make this journey with me. Thank You Lori.)

2. You recently put up a pole in your own often do you pole?

I try to pole 4 or 5 times a week, even if it is only 30 minutes. I can see the progress. I have learned more about how to move my body and have made progress on my nemesis-the front leg hook. Not perfected, but better. I have also learned I need a longer warm up time and to not think too much. I look forward to the time of day when I can put on my new little skirt outfit and heels. I turn up the music and work out. I always feel better after.

3. I understand someone recently commented that pole dancing "at your age" was due to a mid-life crisis. Do you feel like you need to justify your choice in fitness routines?

At first I did not tell people the truth. I called it a “dance class”. I am not that way anymore. Now I say you should be so lucky to be around such wonderful people, feel the empowerment and fun of pole fitness. I am so happy to be doing this. Age is not about years, but rather your attitude about the years. If I feel better about myself, I feel “younger”. I also invite those who doubt to join a class. So far no one has.

4. What does your 13-year-old daughter think of pole dancing?

She is 13. She could care less about me pole dancing. However, my daughter loves the pole in my house. She compares it to the tetherball pole from grammar school. She and her friends used to swing around it. That is what she still does. She spins around it so fast with pretty landings. After every class I have to show her a new spin. She can also climb to the top with no effort. I hope to one day be half as good as her. She and I are having fun. It has been another side benefit to this endeavor.

5. You are an employee at a local college. I imagine most of your students might not know of your new adventures. But for those that do, what do they think of it?

All my students know about my pole dancing because they saw photos and I talked about how excited and happy I am. They were initially uncomfortable. (I am somewhat of a mother figure for them.) I respect their feelings and make sure not to talk about it at work anymore. Recently, one student commented on a photo and said nice photo. Seems they are very slowly changing their minds.

I feel very lucky to have finally found a way to get fit, have fun, and feel better about myself. I owe it all to Twirly Girls, Bel, and you Lori. Thank You.


  1. Rita is so amazing. I know she battles some health problems and pain but she never complains and is always down for some fun. I appreciate her very much for being my pole partner in crime and for sharing her awesome family with me!

  2. Where would I be with out Lori, Bel and Twirly Girls? In a much darker place for sure.

  3. Wonderful gals I enjoyed taking class with you, you guys are great and really have the "twirls" down pat. Looking forward to the next class. You guys inspire me. You twirl girl!!!!!