Monday, May 10, 2010

The Lovely Rita's National Kidney Walk in San Francisco

So the day we have been gearing up for finally arrived!  The 5k walk for the National Kidney Foundation -- which is the reason Twirly Girls hosted the fundraiser -- was on Saturday, May 8th.  It was a beautiful clear day in the city (although fairly windy and cold)! 

I joined Rita, her husband (Dave), her daughter (Kate), her mom (Marge), and our friend (Robert), along with other friends (ran into Jim and Mike...hi guys!!!) to walk along the Embarcadero.  We questioned whether it was a full 5k (when we first saw the 2k sign, we thought out way). 

I'm sure Rita was proud to hand over her large donation of, what I believe was, close to $3,000.  I am touched that so many people came together to make that possible.  We love the Twirly Girls!  Here are some photos of our fun trip to the city!


  1. A BIG THANK YOU to Lori and the Twirly Girls. You make me so proud. Thanks to my Mom. daughter, husband and Robert!

  2. I am a National Kidney Foundation representative for the S.F. office. We created our first blog account today and I came across your posting. The photos look great. I was wondering if you could share them with us so we could add it to our online album? If you have any questions please contact us at Thank you for participating in this years S.F. Kidney walk.