Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Have Pole, Will Twirl - A Pole Dancer's Search For Motivation

Posted on 20th Sep 2010 @ 6:21 PM

Lori Myers Pole DancingWhat do you do when you don't have the energy to motivate yourself to do anything?  I mean, you work out (You HAVE to, right?!  Otherwise, how are you strong enough to do all those cool pole moves?!), go to your job (gotta pay the bills), make dinner (trying to eat healthy, so all of that working out pays off), clean the house (clutter makes us crazy)...but you have NOTHING LEFT.  No inspiration for pole even?!  Pole is what I love to do, but sometimes I can't even motivate myself to do what I love!  Maybe it's the fact that I have to shower with my special soap and not use lotion that day, so it's not always something I can do without planning.  Maybe I'm scared I won't nail a move, and then I'll feel discouraged.  Maybe I'm not feeling my music or my outfit.  Maybe the sun is shining outside or there's a full moon and it's throwing me off.  The point is, sometimes I don't even need a reason to feel like I'm not in the right mindset.

I think women especially are expected to do everything.  We work (and yes, taking care of your children is a job!).  We take care of families and households (my "kids" are my boyfriend and two cats).  We are also supposed to go to run all of the house errands, cook, clean, take the kids to their appointments and practices -- oh yeah, and find some time for yourself in there too, will ya?!  Then we are supposed to come home, fall into bed and do it all over again tomorrow.  What is the point of this life?  There is a breaking point.
I am at that point.

I have lost control of my life and I don't even have children to blame it on.  I go to the gym in the morning, commute to work, work a full day, come home, go to bed.  Rinse and repeat.  I haven't been on the pole in a month.  I had to take some time off from classes because of commitments I made with my time.  I told myself it was no big deal because I can practice at home.  I've practiced once.  I miss class.  I miss my fellow students.  I miss my instructor.  Yet, I still don't have the time to return (should be back in the next couple of weeks though).

For most of my life I've been able to buck up, wipe the sleep out of my eyes and just make it work.  Maybe it's because I'm getting older, or maybe everyone needs to slow down sometime, but I can't pull it together to keep up with my own schedule.  Between work, working out, pole and family/friends...something's gotta go (lately, besides pole, it has been family/friends).

I already know the mind is a powerful tool.  Heck, I even wrote about it on this very blog awhile back.  [http://www.thepoledancingshop.com/news/40/Powerful-bodies%2C-Even-more-powerful-minds-by-Lori-Myers.html]  But my brain is winning the war and it's making me take a break from a few things right now.  I know I am not the only busy person in the world.  How does everyone else juggle their activities so they can fit in life necessities along with their passion for pole?

Lori Myers
Student at Twirly Girls Pole Fitness Studio in Pleasanton, California


  1. What is the special soap you use, prior to pole day? =)

  2. Dr. Bronner's. Its a peppermint castille soap. You can get it at Trader Joe's.