Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Pole Dancing Shop comes through again!

Last night at Twirly Girls, I did a lap dance for Andrea to raise money for Dan's ride.  The Pole Dancing Shop blogged my video!  They have 12,000 fans on Facebook alone!  I'm really excited and thankful that they are so supportive of us!

(P.S.  This is going to be a double blog day...I have a really intense story coming next...also related to this topic.)

Pole Dancing for Dollars by Lori Myers

Posted on 27th Jan 2011 @ 1:42 AM

Lori Myers Pole Dancing1/26/2011: So today on Facebook, a few friends and I took a vague idea and ran with it. A friend is raising money to ride his bike in the AIDS LifeCycle event. He is only asking for people to send ONE DOLLAR to support his cause. ONE. You spend more than that on your morning Starbucks. So, we joked that maybe we'd offer dollar lap dances at the next drag show at Club 1220. That turned into stripping for dollars...and putting on 20 layers of clothes and asking people to throw dollars every time a layer comes off.

So tonight at Twirly Girls, Andrea offered me $5 to do a lap dance for her. I obliged. And actually walked away with $41! WOOHOOO! Thank you to Andrea and Bel for donating $20 each and to Rita for donating $1 (she already donated through the website so thank you for that!!!). I will make sure it gets to Dan.
Bel videoed my dance so I hope that if I post it, it will bring some attention to Dan's need to raise $3,000 for his bike ride. The AIDS LifeCycle event and Dan Jones did not exactly sanction my dancing for dollars scheme. So, please don't go off on how inappropriate it is. We are just having fun and trying to raise money for a good cause.

Keep in mind I'm not a professional and I'm still learning to walk in 8 inch platforms. So, if you loved my dance, hated my dance, or just want to support the cause, please check out Dan's video next:

Then put ONE dollar into an envelope and mail it:

Aids LifeCycle
C/O Dan Jones
712 Bancroft Rd., #158
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

I know times are tough but it's only a dollar and it's going to support a great cause.