Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pantera's visit to Twirly Girls!

In my year and a half at Twirly Girls (wow, almost two years now), Pantera has stopped by three or four times.  Every single time, I've been sick.  She travels the world teaching pole classes, so I have avoided coming to see her perform so I don't pass it on.  This time, however, I was all good and I came out for the meet and greet (definitely not advanced enough for the workshop). 

She was so sweet.  She sat and chatted with the group, telling us stories and talking to us about how she came up in the pole dancing world.  She looks SO young, but she's very well spoken and extremely smart about being in this business.  I really liked her.  And her performance was really awesome to watch.  Bel is always talking about how amazing and nice Pantera is...and now I know why!  Thank you to Pantera for the great performance and spending so much time talking with us!  I know she had a rough week and probably needed some rest, but she answered every question and made us feel like old friends.

Here is her Facebook fan page:

Here are some of Andrew's photos from the evening.  If you have never seen Pantera perform in person, make sure you do!

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  1. She really is just part of the family....thank you Lori for this article because you really do see why Pantera is so popular in the Pole world...shes sincere and so down to earth....but the part about rest...hahah Not Pantera...shes full of adrenalin and go power...we're the ones who need the rest....I'm still yawning...