Thursday, August 25, 2011

Psoriasis and back pain?

Today I had the four-week check-up with my dermatologist regarding Enbrel.  My doctor's office asked me to participate in a survey for people with psoriasis.  One of the questions asked had to do with back/hip pain not associated with an injury that actually gets better with exercise instead of worse. 

Interesting.  You mean like MY back and hip pain?  The pain came from nowhere and I feel tons better when I'm working out consistently.  I've always wondered how that works.

I asked the significance of that question.  The PA said that it could be psoriatic arthritis.  She said I should definitely tell (remind!!) my orthopedist that I have psoriasis.  They did an x-ray and said I didn't have regular arthritis, but I don't know if the test for psoriatic arthritis is different. 

Anyway, I just found that interesting.  She did also mention that Enbrel also treats psoriatic arthritis, so I may notice that my hip and back pain get better during the time I'm on the medication.  I definitely feel like I'm not in as much pain as I should be after a couple of weeks off at the gym (and then a great/hard Twirly Girls class last night).  So, maybe THAT'S where my hip and back pain come from!

It's good information to know and now I have even more motivation to exercise.  I signed up today for pilates reformer classes at The Absolute Center in Lafayette.  I had a great Twirly Girls class and felt like I really need to get my core in shape.  Starting in early September, I will take classes twice a week for five weeks.  Hopefully I have the money to continue when this series is over!

Still motivated...WOOHOO!!!

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