Sunday, October 2, 2011

Twirly Girls take Neo Lounge

So, last night, the Twirly Girls were invited to perform at the opening of a new club in Pleasanton called Neo Lounge.  This location has been through several name changes in the last few years, and now we know why.  Apparently the owners haven't changed but they are going through promoters like they are going out of style.

Bel arrived at 8 p.m. with others to set up the portable X-Stage pole.  She said there was almost no one there and no lights on in the place they were supposed to set up.  The stage weighs over 200 pounds and needs to be put together.  They were directed to set up near an exit door.

According to the Facebook invitation, the doors were going to open at 9:30 p.m.  We were directed to e-mail them to get on the guest list and call to pay for bottle service and a VIP table.  E-mails and phone calls went un-returned.  We arrived at 9:30 p.m.  The club didn't even have a sign yet.  There was a temporary sign placed over the permanent "Club Status" sign.  Apparently the club decided not to allow people in until 10 p.m. -- probably to create the illusion that the club was more popular than it was, so we had to sit in line.  After waiting in line for about 15-20 minutes, someone came around and picked out the "hot girls" from the line to move to another line -- which infuriated the girls in front of us, who were left behind.  We are not in New York or Los Angeles, where this kind of thing is expected.  This is a club in a strip mall in Pleasanton.  It is not such a trendy or popular club that they need to alienate their patrons before they even get in the door.

Once inside, I will admit that the decor was awesome (and clean) -- definitely better than when it was Aura -- probably four name-changes and about two years ago.  I was really excited to get inside.  The white couches in the cabana-style areas were pretty cool (although probably not the best color choice).  I liked the red couches in the second room where the pole was set up.  From what I understand, Neo over sold their VIP bottle service and were already prepared to have some pretty unhappy people that evening.

We settled in and watched some of our Twirly Girls play around on the pole.  Shelly and Diana were rockin' the pole even though the air conditioning seemed to be broken and it was close to 80 degrees in the club.  Bel went over to the bar to ask if we could get a pitcher of water for the girls who were performing.  The bartender informed Bel that they didn't have pitchers (even though every VIP table had multiple pitchers of juice, etc. on it) and handed Bel one single small glass of water.  For all of the girls who were on the pole.  Wow...thanks.

Rita and I left a little after 11 p.m.  It wasn't my scene, for sure, but we came to support our Twirly Girls.  I didn't obviously witness what happened next but I've heard it from at least four people so I believe it to be true.

The girls opened the door because it was so overly hot and you can't really perform on the pole if you are sweating to death.  Apparently one of the bouncers assumed they were sneaking people in and came over to scream at them for having the door open.  He then ID'ed a few of the girls who were closest to the door to make sure they were old enough to be in there.  Bel was trying to explain that they had been there the entire time and that they had only opened the door to allow some air in so the girls could continue performing.  This bouncer must have been a 'roid rager or something because he just kept screaming.  When one of the girls took back her ID from him, he grabbed her by the wrist and shoved her out the door.  I'm sorry, but even if she had mouthed off to him (which she didn't), a 300 pound man has absolutely no business shoving 100 pound girls.  She was in heels and could easily have fallen.  Bel then went outside to try to deal with the situation and was prohibited from coming back in.  Both she and Sharon had their purses still inside and they were not allowed to retrieve them.

Meanwhile, the bouncer continued to scream and scream.  They had never done anything that required anyone to scream at them.  He kept screaming about getting ticketed for the door being open.  If this door was an "emergency only" exit, then it should be alarmed and marked or a bouncer should have been stationed there all night to make sure no one came in or went out.  Two Pleasanton police officers witnessed the entire exchange.  (A) They did not ticket the club for having an open door.  (B) They also later admitted they witnessed Sharon getting shoved outside and did nothing to stop the bouncer from assaulting her.

So Neo invites a pole dancing studio to come perform at their club opening, asks us to promote their club, then treats us like second-class citizens.  Poor Grace was there to celebrate her birthday, had more people coming and so her birthday was cut short as all of the Twirly Girls left.  Those still inside had to break down the pole and find all of Bel's and Sharon's things and bring them outside to them.

Management did nothing.  I don't know if Bel was ever able to get ahold of the promoters.  Regardless...if you are asking for a review of Neo Lounge in Pleasanton, I feel pretty safe speaking on behalf of all of the Twirly Girls to say we give it TWO THUMBS DOWN.  We will never return to Neo.


  1. shame on you club NEO your a club in pleasanton get over yourself!!!!!!! Attention bouncers you are not god you have a job during night time thats it, you are not above anybody!!!!! PATHETIC

  2. Good thing there were at least 2 attorneys in the club that night ;)

  3. I'm sorry to hear that they were so terrible! :[ I've never heard of anything so horrible. It's as if they want their business to fail. Miserably.

  4. It was definitely a bummer... But you can't keep the Twirly Girls down!!!! I can't wait to hear whether the promoter apologized to Bel! They ASKED us to be there! I could see if our girls were drunk or belligerent but they weren't. Most weren't even drinking at all!