Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sheena LaShay: Celebrating Black History Monthy and Pole Dance

How did I get into pole dancing?

The simple answer to how I got into pole dancing is that I was looking for a fun, creative way to stay active, fit and healthy and somehow the timing worked out that a deal was available to take an intro pole dancing class.

I think the more profound truth is that the timing of my involvement with pole dancing seems to be divine. I started taking pole classes a few months before I ended a significant, long term relationship. Pole dancing was a way to heal myself. I started taking pole classes when my sexual and sensual self were begging to be brought to life again. I had buried that part of me to appear “appropriate.” I started taking pole classes when I needed something to devote my energy, creativity and time to that would allow me the utmost freedom of expression. I’m a writer, stage manager and many other things but even still I needed something that gave me a more authentic, whole way of expressing myself. I didn’t get into pole dancing. Pole dancing got into me and started to affect everything from the way that I moved to how understand the world in which I live.

What does pole dancing mean to me?

For me, pole dancing and sensual movement were the missing link in my life. I NEEDED a safe and open environment to explore my sensuality and sexuality outside the bedroom and outside relationships. I also needed the space to explore the facets of my expression. Pole dancing is a conduit to a deeper understanding of sexuality for me. It means so much to me! I feel as if I had balance with many areas of my life from spirituality, my career, relationships/friendships and such but when it came to my sexuality, it needed more than a date or a relationship. I have an insatiable desire to express myself sensually and the great thing about pole dancing is that there is always another class, another showcase, another video, new pair of heels, or dancing assignment & routine that will help my hunger for this kind of expression.

Sheena LaShay

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