Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pole Scars

Pole Scars
Badges of Honor
Pole Kisses

All names for the nasty bruises and injuries our skin receives when we dance on the pole.

Here are some of my old, awesome bruises:

I'm adding some new ones, although I don't think any of them touch the old ones!

Tell me about your best pole scars!

From trying Superman

From reverse handstands


  1. I've got a doozy! I tore my abdominal wall doing a cradle v spin, herniated, on to the er and ended up with a nice 1.5" scar on my belly! lol Damn mommy skin!

  2. Oh damn....that is a REAL pole scar. :-( I hope you're ok!!!

    1. I'm all good! my scar is ugly as all get out and has a bit of adhesions underneath it, but I'm pretty much back to was about 3 years ago! It was HARD to stay off the pole for a minimum of 6 weeks. As soon as someone tells me "no, you can't do that" it makes me want to do it MORE! lol Even my students were getting on to me for getting on the pole after that lol

    2. I want to get my boobs re-done (smaller) but I don't know how I will do with that much time off!!!