Friday, March 2, 2012

Suzy Q and the Pole Life Documentary!

In honor of the screening of Suzy Q's documentary, Pole Life, here is her story!

I understand you are finishing film school and are working on a documentary called Pole Life.  Tell us about that. 

Yes, I graduate on March 2nd and the Pole Life trailer will premiere for open screening at the Los Angeles Film School main theatre.  I started film school in Sept 2010 and each student has a chance to write, direct, and produce their own film. Well, considering I am a pole geek like the most of us, how could I not do a documentary on the way the pole community views pole around the world?  Not even Oprah or the Ellen had Pole Dance Fitness on their shows yet.  I felt by going to film school and given the opportunity to produce your film gave me the chance to tell my story and the stories of others that have been saved and healed by the power of pole. 

I also understand that pole dancing has helped heal you.  Can you share your story? 

Pole Fitness helped me grieve over the loss of my father.  I grew up an athlete from basketball, track, cross-country, volleyball, softball, football manager, and a professional cheerleader.  After my father passed nothing was helping me get through the pain I was feeling until I discovered pole dance fitness.  The pole community alone was more moving and empowering than anything I have ever experienced.  It still heals me today! 

You teach at Heart and Pole Dance Fitness.  I imagine your pole sisters have been instrumental in helping you recover from your loss.  Tell us about them.

I love Heart and Pole!!!!  I am so thankful that they created a family for me to go.  I am from Speedway, Indiana originally and my whole family still lives in the mid-west.  Heart and Pole was a place for me to heal without anyone judging me. 

How long have you been pole dancing?

My poleversary will be on my father's birthday on May 18th.  This year will be my 3rd year. 

What first drew you to try it? 

I didn't realize that on the day of my fathers birthday that I tried Pole for the first time.  I remember that day I woke from a dream I had that night.  My father was in my dream and he was trying to tell me something.  I woke and that dream was what motivated me to find something new and something really challenging.  I was driving in the South Bay of So. Cal. and saw Heart and Pole Fitness Studio.  Being an athlete and seeing the words Pole and Fitness together peaked my interest.  I started my first class that day and never looked back. 

Do you like to dance in shoes or barefoot?

I like to dance barefoot.  There is something about it that just feels right.  I feel like I can express my body more than in shoes.  Don't get me wrong, the girls that can rock the heels, go for it!  It's just not for me unless I am performing in a group piece and it's mandatory. 

Tell us something people would be surprised to hear about you. 

I guess what motivated me to move to California from Indiana.  On December 26, 2009 I was leaving the north side of Indianapolis after the Indianapolis Colts lost the Super Bowl to the Steelers. I left the Super Bowl Party and was headed to another friends house on the westside of Indianapolis.  I drove my car through the side streets to the next party because I wanted to check out the Christmas lights.  It was also freezing that day.  I think with wind chill it was -5 degrees.  As I was driving I saw a house that had an attached garage.  The garage door was open.  There was a car parked in the garage that was on fire.  I stopped in shock because I was the only one around seeing this.  I got out of my car and called 911.  The operator wanted me to see if anyone was in the house.  By now, the whole garage is on fire and rapidly catching the house on fire.  The neighbor came running out his door and myself, the neighbor, and 2 other people passing by helped the 2 elderly couple out of the house.  I helped the elderly women because she was unconscious.  I took my sweatshirt off for her to lay on while her head was in my lap.  All I can think of was to get this lady breathing and talking.  I did what I had to do and she came through. The firemen and ambulance finally came.  The nurse that was on the scene whispered to me that the women that was laying in my lap had 3rd degree burns and to not touch her skin.  As she said that my reality kicked in away from the adrenaline I was feeling and say a stranger and a human being dying in my arms and I was making her comfortable and calm.  I almost lost it right there but held it together.  The stretcher came and took her away to the nearest hospital.  I gave my info to the nearest police officer and left.  I was in shock and could not believe that just happened in front of me.  Later that evening the Chief of the Indianapolis called me to thank me for giving her a chance but she isn't going to make it.  He said that I was the last person she talked to and slipped into a coma but she has a few hours to live and I gave her and them a chance to say their good byes.

I got an award from the city a month later but it's not an award that I can say I am proud of having but it is an award that is on my wall and reminds me everyday that life is short and we must honor the life we have and that we all can make a difference. 

What does 2012 hold for you?

 2012...Well, besides the world ending and then I don't have to pay back my student loans...HAHA! Just kidding.  2012 holds a lot of transition and courage for me.  I am single and love it!  I graduate this year which is a huge goal for me.  Pole Life is well on it's way internationally and this is just the beginning! A feature will be shown at the in Las Vegas at the Palms Sept 6-8th.  I hope to compete this year at pole competitions.  I am also in the works of a lot more but I am unable to give that away just yet.


COME SEE POLE LIFE: THE PREVIEW TRAILER THIS FRIDAY, March 2nd at 3:15pm. This is first come first serve seating so come early! Don't miss out on being in the world of what the pole communities Pole Life is really all about and how pole's history and culture evolved into what Pole is today. The screening for Pole Life will be at the Los Angeles Film School's main theater at 6363 Sunset Boulevard...

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  1. I am so proud of you Susy , I did not know about the fire, I am so glad you were there for that lady, you were her angel. Who knows maybe her dream was to be a dancer and you are fulfilling that. Keep going I know u have a purpose.