Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Didja know...

...there are a whole bunch of pole dancers out there who just...pole dance??!  

They don't know who Felix Cane, Jenyne Butterfly or Alethea Austin are.  They don't Facebook stalk every pole celebrity in the world, post about their successes and failures, and share photos of every bruise earned.  They aren't on Studio Veena chatting and watching videos.  They aren't searching YouTube for the newest videos from the pros.  They don't read Aerial Amy's blog every day.  They just...go to class and dance.

Over the weekend, I went to the Pacific Pole Championships in Los Angeles.  I found a spot in the front row to take notes, photos and videos (I will do a more in-depth blog about the competition very soon).  I sat next to a lady who was very excited to be there and was taking notes about songs she wanted to dance to in the future.

We chatted between routines (many dancers didn't realize that the quiet time between routines were for judges to finish scoring).  I said something about the amazing Felix Cane.  Blank stare.  Jenyne Butterfly?  Nothing.  Alethea Austin?  Nope.  


I really am a Pole Geek! 

Hey there's nothing wrong with either of us.  I was just happy to be in a room filled with people who have a passion for pole dancing.  

I am working on some great posts, but have been super busy with my real day job.  Until then, I sign off as a Pole Geek and proud of it!

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