Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May posts for The Pole Dancing Shop

If you missed the April post, HERE it is! 

Here are my May posts for www.ThePoleDancingShop.com:

Pole Dancing In Your Mind:

There has been much discussion about the mental side of pole dancing here on The Pole Dancing Shop's blog.  Check out "Overcoming Your Pole Dancing Fears", "Pole Dancing Mamas" or "Powerful Bodies, Even More Powerful Minds". 

We don't want to knock other forms of working out, but lifting weights or running on a treadmill just can't compare to pole dancing.  We don't merely mean the fact that pole dancing is a total body workout.  There is so much that can hold us back:  Our fear of falling during a spin or invert; our worries about how others might perceive our potentially sexy workout; our concerns about how our pastime might affect our children.  Pole dancing is a very mental sport!

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Excuse Me, That's My Pole:

Recently, we posted about how pole dancing can be a very mental sport.  It is funny how we get set in our ways.  We drive the same routes each day.  We have our favorite outfits and shoes.  When we arrive at class, whether it is pole, yoga or any other class, we like to claim "our" spot.  We like our mat in the back, dark corner, or we like the pole furthest from the air conditioning vent.

What happens when you arrive at class and someone is in your spot?  Sometimes that pushes you right out of your comfort zone.  And that's not always a bad thing!

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Pole Dancing Around The World has also been updated...do you have any updates for me to add???

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