Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Posts for The Pole Dancing Shop

Here are my blogs for June on

What's Your Pole Niche:
The most fantastic thing about pole dancing is the fact that everyone is different and each dancer has their strong suit.  Some are amazing at the flow and dance. Some love pulling off jaw-dropping tricks. Others can easily combine the two in the most beautiful way. While trying to find your way in the pole dancing world, you should ask yourself a question:  What's your niche?

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In addition, we have begun releasing videos called, "I Pole Because," for The Pole Dancing Shop.  Catch the first three episode below:


  1. Lori, why doesn't that post put your name somewhere on the page? I think that's odd. But great article! People definitely should revel in their strengths!

    1. The Pole Dancing Shop? They do credit me sometimes. But since they pay me, some places do like to just give a ghost writer type status. Since most people know I write for them, I'm not shy about claiming the ones I wrote. lol.