Friday, February 8, 2013

Finding your grease-mate in pole class

How many times have you had to share a pole during a class or workshop?  Luckily, at Twirly Girls, we try to keep classes at a 1 to 1 ratio, but there are certainly times when there are popular classes or workshops that require us to share a pole.  I know there are a lot of studios where pole-sharing is a daily requirement. 

How many times during pole-sharing have you walked up and slid right off because it feels like your pole-mate bathed in butter?

We all have different issues.  Some of us are sweaty, some too dry, some straight up GREAZEH!  That is, in fact, how we got Team Greazeh in my Boys, Girls and Twirls class at Twirly Girls.  My good friends Jimmy and Yolanda like to team up and dance crazy with each other during class.  They've now done two showcases together.  They are a great team and are so much fun to watch.  But their body chemistry is very different.  So when they dance together, they either have to choreograph moves carefully on any pole they are sharing, or we have to send a pole cleaner between moves to clean the pole. 

There are certainly tons of grip aids to help equalize our situations, but when sharing a pole, we probably feel like we spend a lot of time in class wiping the pole down between moves. 

How do you feel about pole-sharing?  Do you share in your class?  Have you found your grease-mate?

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