Monday, November 18, 2013

Poletry in Motion: Kitty Kats' Korner

So here is a random chain of events over the last few years that lead up to a champagne and cupcake party at a studio in Vacaville less than two weeks ago.

A few years back, I randomly started talking to Jade on Studio Veena's website.  That lead to her coming to Twirly Girls and now she teaches there.  She also goes to a studio closer to her home called Kitty Kats' Korner

Last year, around this time, I took Nadia and Mina to Sacramento for a workshop and met a lady named Jeanette.  She had been looking for a studio closer to her home and I mentioned Kitty Kats' Korner.  Maybe five or six months ago, a girl named Stephanie joined my Pole Dancers Unite group on Facebook.  I realize she's local and mention the Jade-Kitty Kat connection...and Stephanie already goes there!

One thing I really enjoy doing is taking photos of cupcakes and putting them on Facebook.  Everyone notices that I over-post cupcake photos.  One day, Stephanie says, hey we should have cupcake night, so fast forward to a Friday night just over a week ago and I came to Kitty Kats' Korner to have cupcakes and pole jam with some lovely ladies!

Kitty Kats' Korner is located in Vacaville.  It is inside the Naughty or Nice Boutique, which has the most adorable guard dogs, Bailey and Jedda.  The back room has been transformed into a very safe and sexy work space.  The warm-up was very sensual and fun.  There was (I believe) one brass pole and three Lil Mynxes.  Actually, I believe there were five poles, though, so now I need to go back and look over the photos.  But I digress.  I had never used a Lil Mynx and I really loved it.  They are powder-coated so you get a little bit more "stick" but you can still spin on them. 

After the warm up, and breaking up into groups with one beginner, one intermediate, and one advanced student, we worked on some moves.  Then we started mingling more and just had a lot of fun.  The cameras broke out and all the crazy photos started. 

At one point, Sandra, the owner, had everyone sit while a couple of different groups performed.  The vibe at Kitty Kats' is very sexy and sensual.  One of the groups did a very tactile number where they basically incorporated everything they touched into whatever they were doing.  They were in a circle around the outside of the room and they slowly moved around the room touching everything -- the walls, the floor, the feather boas hanging on the walls, the poles...  I was sitting so that I had a view of people coming around a corner.  The song was long -- but I was never bored and I anticipated every single person coming around that corner because I wanted to know how each person would incorporate that corner into their dance.  It was really awesome to watch. 

I really want to thank Sandra for allowing an outsider, Jade, Jeanette, Stephanie, and all of the girls for having me out for such a fun evening! 

Bailey and Jedda

You WILL love me, Jedda!
Kitty Kat Kristmas Tree
Jeanette, me and Jade

Stephanie and me

Stephanie and me

Kitty Kat Pile

Pretending I'm doing toothbrush

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